SHOCK: Glasgow Tory Prof knows what he’s talking about

In an utterly self-unaware sneer and a disgusting slur against the country that has given him a job and a home, Prof Tomkins, one-time lefty anti-monarchist moved right, former list MSP, comments on the new SNP cabinet.

Mediocrity? He should know all about that. Here he is, with that other talent, Annie Wells, coming in 3rd, voted for by no one, to win a big fat salary to just sit and sneer all day.

7 thoughts on “SHOCK: Glasgow Tory Prof knows what he’s talking about

  1. None of the unionist political parties can stand that the Independence for Scotland parties are in charge of Scotland. Well, as much as they can be, considering Westminster still has a stranglehold on most of the levers of power. Jealously, that sums it up, and hopefully none of the , Conservative, Labour or Lib.Dems parties ever get control of Scotland.

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  2. If the SNP cabinet is ”failure rewarded again !” what does that say about the opposition , including himself when an MSP , that they couldn’t displace this parcel of ”mediocrity ” at numerous elections ?
    If the SNP are mediocre what does that make DRoss , Sarwar and co . ?

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  3. If there is a lesson to be learned from Kate Forbes unfortunate attack on Humza Yousaf and the SNP it is surely that if there was mediocrity it was imposed on the Scottish Government by the legal strictures of devolution.
    Imagine living in a Scotland where the government could end spending on nuclear weapons and use the freed up funds to tackle NHS waiting lists and drug abuse.

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  4. Every single List MP in Scottish parliament is a disgrace , they sit there having been voted in by nobody , their political party leader chooses them , on what grounds are they chosen ? What experience or talent do they bring to the Scottish parliament …NONE.
    We know now after having to suffer this stupid parliamentary method D’Hondt for years that that these List MPs have no talent they contribute absolutely nothing.

    Westminster laden Ed Scotland with this stupid Dhondt parliament for the sole purpose of ensuring that should Scottish people choose MPs other than unionists they would have the surprise attack of the idiot unionist MPs who’s only purpose is to stand up in Scottish parliament and say NO
    That’s all they do it’s all they are there to do , be obstructive be disagreeable be rude and disrespectful and criticise everything Scottish.

    We know this

    We will rid ourselves of the Dhondt once Scotland is independent you cannot run a country efficiently using Dhondt.


    1. Would now be the right time to point out that Nicola Sturgeon was once a List MSP? She certainly had talent – and was far from obstructive, disagreeable, rude or disrespectful. As far as I’m aware the only Scottish things she criticised were opposition MSPs.

      So there is a place for them in Holyrood – but I’d prefer to see them off the List and forced to stand for a constituency after one full term.

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  5. The Scottish Gov is better without Tomkins. Still mouthing off. The lists are a joke. Millions of SNP votes go in the bin, to let 3rd unionists in. A quota. Imposed by unionists without a mandate.

    Nicola Sturgeon would have won through in any case. The increasing SNP voting numbers.


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