Crime plummets, staffing 50% higher than in England but Reporting Scotland peddle a different tale

This morning, Reporting Scotland, in an interview with a police trade union rep, tell us a tale of understaffing and increased pressure.

The story is nowhere else. It’s not even on the BBC Scotland website (different editor?). It hasn’t been fed to the Herald and there are no reports of such pressure anywhere else in the UK.

We don’t hear these, the facts, of course:


The chart below plots total police officer strength (FTEs) for Scotland from 1985 to 2020.  It shows long term, steady rise followed by a short period of rapid rise, and then by a period of relative stability since c.2010. It was in April 2013 that the 8 police forces of Scotland were amalgamated under one command as Police Scotland.

The following graph, from a Scottish Government source (Police Officer Quarterly Strength Statistics Scotland, 31 December 2020), reveals more clearly the marked rise in police office numbers following the first SNP government coming to power in Holyrood.  In 2020 the number of place officers (FTEs) in Scotland according to the HoCL briefing was 17,234.

In 2021, per 10,000 of population, Scotland had around 32 police officers – compared to around 21 in England and Wales:


In the year ending June 2022, the police in Scotland recorded 285,974 crimes. This was 5% lower than the 300,747 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2021, and 5% lower than the 301,376 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2018.,the%20year%20ending%20June%202018.

In England & Wales in the year ending March 2022 overall crime returned to and exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The 6.3 million crimes recorded was 4% higher compared with the year ending March 2020.

All things being equal, with roughly 11 times the population, England and Wales might have been expected to record around 3 million crimes but recorded more than 6 million. So, overall, crime is twice higher in England & Wales than it is in Scotland, after more than a decade of two governments.


Six English police forces are in special measures, none in Scotland are:


4 thoughts on “Crime plummets, staffing 50% higher than in England but Reporting Scotland peddle a different tale

  1. They’ve done health, education, drugs, bridges, ferries, hospitals, buildings, everything really, so stands to reason they attack Scotland’s policing system. It’s a wonder Scotland can actually function at all, it’s apparently such a basket case, with no money and a load of corrupt law breaking rich folk installed by the people, oh wait, I’m getting a bit confused between England’s administration and Scotland’s government. Still, broad shoulders and all that, family of nations. Back in the day, when the English government admitted that Scotland is a nation, and Britain was an antiquated notion, with connotations of suppression and oppression, so not to be mentioned, unlike now. It’s now cringingly wall to wall British, Britain and great Britain, it’s enough to drive us crazy, you will be British like it or not!
    The English government removed thousands of police in England not so very long ago, as a cost cutting measure, no wonder crime is so high there now. Its the one thing that’s top down at least.

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  2. The viewer getting lower and lower.

    £6Billion for that nonsense. A Tory at the helm. The corruption of Westminster plain to see.


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