£30 million more funding made available for Fuel Insecurity Fund

From the Scottish Government today but clearly not in the public interest judging by the BBC Scotland coverage:

Up to £30 million will be made available through the Fuel Insecurity Fund next year to help households who are at risk of self-rationing or self-disconnecting their energy use, First Minister Humza Yousaf has announced.

The funding will be made available to third sector organisations in the next financial year to support the most vulnerable households in Scotland.

The Scottish Government had previously committed to doubling the Fuel Insecurity Fund, from £10 million to £20 million.


3 thoughts on “£30 million more funding made available for Fuel Insecurity Fund

  1. I really am beginning to wonder about DRoss he really does not seem to realize what SNP stands for really obsessed with Independence maybe someone should call in the men in white suits.


  2. More money for people struggling is always good
    We live in a world where some people have billions or millions and others have nothing
    Where is the good person or good people who will change this and share things so that nobody has nothing
    It can be done
    We should have a limit on wealth and take away anything above the limit then give it to the poor because these wealthy people cannot do this themselves


  3. Scotland in surplus and nearer the source, pays more.

    The Tories Nuclear Hinckley Point years late and over Budget. Westmibster spending £13Billion a year on decommioning Nuclear for ten years but plan to build more. Where will the waste go. Flying waste around the world. Dumping Trident on Scotland without permission. Then charging for it.


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