Dragging NHS Scotland down with English dissatisfaction

After reading the above on ‘Britons’ and their NHS, you might be interested to read the actual words in the report:

In England, there was a statistically significant decrease in satisfaction between 2021 and 2022 (36 per cent to 29 per cent). Changes in satisfaction in Scotland and Wales were not statistically significant.

https://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/files/2023-03/public-satisfaction-with-the-nhs-and-social-care-in-2022-final-for-web.pdf p13

Can the above be read to suggest no significant fall in satisfaction rates in Scotland or Wales? I think so but have requested the data tables from the authors, the Nuffield Trust, just to be sure. I’ll update you when I have it.


8 thoughts on “Dragging NHS Scotland down with English dissatisfaction

  1. The BBC – online and in radio – making much of this this morning.

    References to ‘British’ Social Attitudes Survey and also explicit references during the R4 Today programme to ‘England, Scotland and Wales’ together leave consumers of the news with a wholly different impression than: ‘Changes in satisfaction in Scotland and Wales were not statistically significant.’

    With this information to hand, it’s clear that the R4 Today coverage wholly misrepresented these Survey findings for the three nations!

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  2. Clearly the ‘softening up’ process by the Tories and their media chums is intensifying. No doubt we can expect more Private Health Care treatment adverts to wet the appetite alongside more news of a worsening or even ‘broken’ NHS. So as the Tories continue to starve the EHNS it will impact on the ‘Consequentials’ for Scotland and the real possibility of legal action by mostly American PHC coy’s to add even more pressure on the Scot Gov. Shameful stuff.


  3. The Guardian featured this story today and referred throughout to ‘The NHS’ as if it was a unitary structure rather than what it is – 4 separate structures with a degree of inter linkage. No where did it mention Scotland, Wales or NI. The only clue that it might just be England was the constant reference to the Tory Gov being in charge.

    It is almost reached the point where England has become the country that dare not speak its name so often does it hide its shortcomings behind UK or British/Britain.

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    1. ‘.. England has become the country that dare not speak its name ..’ I agree.

      On devolved matters – where we currently have different political parties responsible – the BBC practice of lumping England, Scotland and Wales together when ‘convenient’, including when covering health and social care issues, helps understate the shortcomings (some perhaps inevitable given the pandemic) of the Westminster government. Alone this leads to serious misrepresentation but BBC practices have other consequences.

      BBC reports on NHS Scotland almost NEVER provide UK context or perspective: BBC Scotland almost never reports comparisons of performance with NHS England and/or NHS Wales. In this way, the BBC can provide a platform for Labour and Tory spokespersons to denigrate NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government without ANY exposure of Scottish consumers of BBC output to the shortcomings in performance of the NHS in the countries which their own parties govern, including Labour in Wales. Political hypocrisy flourishes!

      In its reporting of these patient satisfaction survey results, the Radio 4 Today programme: this morning (a) raised an important issue for listeners in England, Scotland and Wales; then (b) misrepresented by omission the survey findings in Scotland and Wales; before (c) deepening its failings by ONLY providing an opportunity for an official response from NHS England. No opportunity was given for listeners to learn of the actions being taken from a Scotland or Wales perspective.

      This has been just one more of an almost endless stream of media reports on Scotland’s government and public services that cry out for consistently rapid, robust rebuttal and informative counter statements! IMHO such a rebuttal process, focused in particular on Labour statements/assertions appearing in the media with greater frequency/confidence is urgently required. (For the avoidance of doubt, I am under no illusion about how hard it will be to get traction on this via the corporate media and the BBC.)

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