SNP support up as leader is elected

Only sub-polls, I know, because they rarely do full polls for Scotland, but the same story in them all tells us something.

Reporting yesterday based on data collected from 24-27 March, Deltapoll has the SNP at 41% up from 38% in their previous poll on 17-20 March and 33% on 10-13 March.

Support for both Labour and Cons is down.

I know the data for the report yesterday will have been collected before the announcement of the new SNP leader but he had been the bookie’s favourite for some time before that.

PeoplePolling on March 17 had the SNP at 46% and only falling to 44% on March 22.

The last full poll by YouGov on 13 March, with the candidates known, had the SNP at 43% up from 42% in their previous poll on 20 February, and from 29% on 15 February.

The last three Survation and Savanta polls, in February, all have SNP support steady at 43%.

Onwards and steady as we go Captain Tom?


6 thoughts on “SNP support up as leader is elected

  1. My preference was for Forbes, and I hope she stays in the Cabinet.
    Yousaf has a history which will be exploited, but he only needs to compare his record with the records of equivalent Ministers in England and Wales (which the Brit Nits HATE).

    And if DRossie or Starwars assert he is not “as good as Sturgeon”, he should reply …….”but I only need to be better than you”.


  2. I voted for Kate Forbes but you could almost tell by the expression of relief on her face that she was just relatively happy with the level of support. I believe her time will come as she perhaps has her eyes on the bigger prize as PM. We shall see as Humza may already have damaged his prospects by promising Independence within 5 years. I wish him well but he needs to start delivering on that if he wants to retain my SNP membership in future..


  3. not convinced Yousaf can deliver if he keeps on asking Westminster for a referendum. Even if they were to grant that, it would be under their rules with the same franchise that lost us the vote in 2014 and the same interference from london and the mainstream media.
    We need enough people to want an indeoendent Scotland and are prepared to vote for it, never mind what the governments in holyrood or Westminster say. We are the people and we are soverreign


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