South of Scotland unelected MSPs taking it in turns to scare locals away from A&E in Ayr

Yesterday, Labour List MSP Carol Mochan stepped into the regular role of Con List MSP Sharon Dowey, in scaring off locals from attending Ayr A&E because it’s supposedly too slow, in the Daily Record.

As with Dowey, Mochran is ill-informed or devious or both.

Under the headline Hundreds still waiting long hours for A&E treatment in Ayrshire, new figures show, we read:

Data from Public Health Scotland shows that waiting times in NHS Ayrshire & Arran across those waiting more than four hours, eight hours and 12 hours are on the rise.

The facts:

First, a smaller percentage, 63.9%, were seen within 4 hours in week-ending 12 March 2023, down a statistically non-significant 0.2% from 64.1% in the previous week.

However, attendances had also gone up from 1 602 to 1 674, by 4.5%. So, taking account of increased demand, performance had actually improved.

On the more meaningful monthly figures, performance against the 4 hour target had improved from 63.6% in December to 64.5% in January.

Ayrshire & Arran, even in the one week return preferred by Con/Labour, was only 0.8% behind the Scottish average and better than 5 other health boards.

On the Over 8 and 12 hour targets, the 12 January figure was only 3.4% and 2.5% higher.


4 thoughts on “South of Scotland unelected MSPs taking it in turns to scare locals away from A&E in Ayr

  1. The Tories cut NHS funding from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts, The Scottish Budget has been cut, The Tories are spending £5Billion more on nuclear weaponry,


  2. Just thought I should post this as it reminded me of a certain Lord ( Lab)

    “Westminster takes back £150m from Wales as it hadn’t been spent fast enough”

    Are you b***dy joking?
    Article: underspend happened before but money NOT recalled

    Punished because Welsh gov didn’t hand buckets of cash to their mates like the Tories?

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  3. O.K, it was almost 15 years ago, but the staff Ayr Hospital saved my life, firstly because the then Health Minister, one Nicola Sturgeon, kept the A/E Department open, and I was able to receive immediate treatment for my heart attack.
    I’m coming to Ayr for a summer holiday, my favourite resort on the Clyde Coast, and I’m sure, if needed, the treatment will still be first class.


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