Joy as Nicola Sturgeon enables thousands of Ukraine refugees to be settled

In July 2022, in the Express it was this:

Outrage as Nicola Sturgeon forces Ukraine refugees onto CRUISE SHIP in ‘betrayal’ of plan

Three days before, it was this:

Sturgeon’s cruise ship with rooms smaller than prison cells takes first Ukrainian refugees

and even the Guardian went with:

Calls for Ukrainians living on cruise ship in Scotland to be quickly rehoused. MS Victoria is temporary solution to host refugees but there are concerns about small rooms and seasickness

Seasickness in harbour?

Today, BBC Scotland headlines:

Last 50 Ukrainians to leave Glasgow cruise ship

and inform us:

The most recent monthly figures showed that – as of 14 March – 365 were on board compared with 1,135 in January.

But on Wednesday, members of Glasgow’s Integration Board, which runs health and social care services, were told only 57 Ukrainians were left on the ship.

Since then that number has dipped below 50.

The Guardian, like all the other media has no space for this good news.

The Express front page has only room for a bucket full of ignorant slime about ‘Nicola’ failing.

What else has the Express denied their readers on refugees? This:

Based on the above UK Government data, there have been 40 343 applications by Ukrainian refugees to live in Scotland and 30 668 visas have been issued.

All things being equal, with 10 times the population, you might expect there to have been 400 000 applications and 300 000 visas issued to live in England but there were only 86 000 and 77 000 respectively.

Scotland has been, at least, four times as welcoming.


11 thoughts on “Joy as Nicola Sturgeon enables thousands of Ukraine refugees to be settled

  1. I am surprised at your use of the term, ‘even’ as in ‘even The Guardian went with …..’ This is entirely in keeping with the disdainful, condescending, colonialist attitude persistently displayed by The Guardian. Severin Carrel and Libby Brookes are employed to report things in ways which showsScots are incapable of running their own affairs. It is in a direct line from the ‘concern’ expressed about independence of various African and Caribbean states, because these people are ‘like children’, ‘they need guided’.

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  2. Saw something today when browsing the online papers that the UKGov are now considering using old ferries to house asylum seekers rather than hotels. Somehow I do not think the old ferries will be as comfortable as cruise ships and will probably become permanently temporary accommodation.

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  3. O/T It seems appropriate to highlight failings of Westminster governments where financial management (and yes, other things too) is involved. After all, we always get very well informed about such matters thanks to the Unionist media and politicians when the Scottish Government is involved. So it seems fitting to share this.

    It’s from a report just published by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee: ‘COVID employment support schemes’. (

    From the summary (with my emphasis):

    ‘The COVID-19 employment support schemes were implemented quickly at a time of crisis. They provided essential support to many individuals, businesses and the wider economy but at £97 billion, they were costly. The cost includes an estimated £4.5 BILLION OF ERROR AND FRAUD and at least £5 BILLION PAID DURING THE FIRST YEAR OF THE SCHEMES TO SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE AND EMPLOYERS WHOSE INCOMES HAD NOT REDUCED.

    ‘The extent of error and fraud and unnecessary support was made more disappointing because several million people whose incomes were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were not eligible under the schemes’ rules.’

    And: ‘HMRC’s own figures indicate that by 2022–23 between £2.0 billion and £5.1 billion of error and fraud on CJRS (Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) and SEISS (Self-Employment Income Support Scheme) is LIKELY TO REMAIN UNRECOVERED.’

    On value for money – or lack of it: ‘Eighteen percent of the value of the first three SEISS grants—around £3.5 billon—was PAID TO PEOPLE WHO SAW THEIR TURNOVER INCREASE IN 2020–21 EVEN WITHOUT THE GRANT. While around £6.5 billion of furlough paid between March 2020 and October 2020 WENT TO EMPLOYERS WHO SAW THEIR TURNOVER INCREASE OR STAY THE SAME, of which £1.5 billion was paid to employers who SAID THEY WOULD NOT HAVE MADE REDUNDANCIES OR CLOSED PERMANENTLY without CJRS.’

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  4. The hypocrisy of the Tories know no bounds.

    A SENIOR Scottish Tory who called the media ban at SNP hustings “disgraceful” has been left humiliated as the Conservatives block journalists from their own spring conference.

    Also wont release membership figures surely there is someone who can get them or a photo of the conference.

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  5. O/T.
    The Tories have banned the public and press from their spring conference, as an “internal event”.
    Will we see the same frothing outrage that greeted the SNP from our colonial media?
    You can bet the house that you WILL NOT!

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  6. From tomorrow, Sunday, it will be the bestest place to be housed,that was a great idea building those old ferries.
    The dross u-turn will be monumental.
    The P&O will be making money hand over fist.

    Pity they don’t just use the ferries to sort out the wee boats crossings.

    Oh, that’s right the ferries are being used as accommodation in harbour as the nutters don’t want an empty RAF station being used.

    By the way, you do realise your subscriptions to be connected to the energy grids are due, £200 a year.

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  7. Hi John, I wonder if you saw Bowie getting it in the neck on QT at least F Bruce tried to get him to answer the question that was a first.

    “You were asked a very straightforward question and trolled out a party line, which is nothing new!”

    Conservative MP Andrew Bowie gets called out by a #BBCQT audience member for politicians not answering direct questions

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  8. “The SNP leadership contest—here is an interview with the wonderful Sir Keir Starmer”…..”This is James Cook, somewhere over the rainbow”!

    Euan McColm the Brit Nat scribbler asserts that—“The next leader cannot depend on the *GOODWILL* held by Nicola Sturgeon”.

    *Goodwill? The Brit Nat colonial media have made her life a misery from day one. Poison pen journalism from partisan creeps.

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  9. This – “The plan she set out in Edinburgh was thwarted by politicians and judges in London” only serves to demonstrate the monstrosity which is James Cook,

    James’s retro-perspective opens with “Discipline, for which the SNP had been famed, began to crumble” – Ehm, let’s just totally ignore Labour’s decimation leaving the only political force for Labour in Scotland being a roundabout in Edinburgh called Ian Murray.
    And let’s not forget BBC Scotland asking NONE over membership numbers other than SNP.

    Yet it is his considered choice of pics as “impartial BBC journalist” James (we’ve seen the emails FM) Cook selects which betray his journalistic “impartiality” as a sham –
    – NS final resignation in Holyrood.
    – Yousaf/Forbes/Regan in leadership contest date unattributed.
    – FM thinking in the Holyrood chamber date unattributed.
    – The “Braveheart” frame-shot, jeez, that’s desperate.
    – Yet the next frame from 1995 is poignant in that Cook was barely 17, a journalistic pimple yet to burst forth with the puss for which he has since become renowned.
    I could continue the exercise for the rest but why bother, it’s yet another incontinent pigeon from “the news where we are” at Pathetic Quay !


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