Scots Tory on Question Time borrows Scotland’s falling crime rate to use as cover for England’s soaring crimes

On Question Time, last night, Scots Tory MP, Andrew Bowie, claimed the above.

Across the country, he was so wrong. From 2010, in England, crime has almost doubled.

In Scotland, where his constituency is (WTF voted for this?), it has fallen by around 50%.

I suppose no one with any great level of talent is going to work as a researcher for people like him.

10 thoughts on “Scots Tory on Question Time borrows Scotland’s falling crime rate to use as cover for England’s soaring crimes

  1. What follows is an indictment of Tory government’s treatment of London’s police force and more besides. It comes from the Casey Review into the Met.

    ‘Like other public services, austerity has profoundly affected the Met. In real-terms, the Review has calculated that the Met now has £0.7 billion less than at the start of the previous decade, meaning its budget is 18% smaller. This is enough to employ more than 9,600 extra Police Constables at full cost. It has lost 21% of its civilian staff and two thirds of its Special Constables while the number of Police Community Support Officers has halved. Between 2010 and 2022 it closed 126 police
    stations. Specialist units and functions have been prioritised, including through ring- fenced Government funding.’

    Casey notes: ’the Met’s annual spending represents 25% of the total police budget for England and Wales’.

    ‘While in some ways policing, and indeed the Met, may appear better protected than many other public services such as local authorities, the Met itself has been significantly impacted by austerity. Its annual gross expenditure of £3.2 billion in 2015-16 reflected efficiencies it was required to make compared to gross expenditure in 2011-12 of £3.7 billion. Austerity meant the Met had to reduce its spending significantly and consume real terms increases in pay and other costs.’

    ‘In 2017, the current Mayor accepted that funding constraints made it impossible to maintain numbers at 32,000 and said: “It is sadly now inevitable that police officer numbers will continue to fall – potentially to as few as 27,500 by 2021 – and we are left with no choice but to scrap London’s strategic target for 32,000 police officers that has been in place since 2012.”

    ‘Over the last decade, the most significant changes in London to the Met’s budgets and workforce, as well as the Met’s organisational structure, appear to have been imposed upon them, driven primarily by a significant period of austerity, by financial uncertainty and political targets. Budgets are still some 18% lower in real terms than in 2010-11.’

    With all the evidence of the adverse impacts of Tory austerity on England’s public services it is remarkable that the same services in Scotland have been so resilient!

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  2. Failed Sub-Lieutenant Bowie sinks beneath the waves.
    Probably playing the fiddle as he goes.
    Odd how many Tories are on the fiddle as the Ship of State goes down?

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  3. Dont answer the question just like Sunak when asked if tory rebels who voted against his bill will the have funding withheld for their constituency he rambled own how it was a good deal for all in the PRESIOUS UNION no answer to the question.

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  4. Worried about keeping your house due to rising Mortgage rates, putting food on the table or heating your house with rises in Inflation and Energy costs. Yes? well you can draw comfort and will be relieved to know that according to the BBC today you can walk on the ‘Medievel Coronation floor’ in your socks. That is life and what is important to Scots as part of the UK.

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  5. O/T
    The leader of the SNP’s Westminster group has been ejected from the House of Commons for saying Boris Johnson misled parliament over No 10 parties.

    Ian Blackford refused to withdraw his comments in an exchange with the Speaker Lindsay Hoyle and was excluded under standing orders.

    As DRoss used the word lie many times why was he not told to withdraw and he did not do so was he not told to leave the chamber was J Kelly not told to leave for something similar.
    Any thoughts on this anybody.

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  6. Just my tuppence worth Scott, but I had the thought that Ross’ conduct appeared, to me, that he was itching to be expelled.
    If he had succeeded it would have knocked Nicola’s departure of the front pages. A ruse to achieve deflection? It seems to be the most well used tool in the tory tool box. Well, apart from Murdo, Liam and Alister.

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  7. 8000 majority. Down to 800. Out soon. Out of touch and running out of time, the Tory Gov. A year to go. The countdown started.


  8. I was surprised Fiona Bruce did not have a prompt to read tu pointing out the error in Bowie’s assertion and then I realised that he and Bruce have the same prompts.

    I assume that the breaking of Stanley Johnson’s wife’s nose was NOT a recorded crime since he only did it once and as it occurred in London the Metropolitan Police would not perceive violence towards women as a crime.


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