Latest Poll: SNP survives daily ferry feeding frenzy to leave Cons and Labour in its wake

In the absence of full polls, another sub-poll gives us at least an indication of the extent to which the recent media carpet-bombing of the SNP, is having any effect.

No sign.

People Polling based on data gathered only 2 days ago, has:

  • SNP 44%
  • Scottish Cons 9%
  • Scottish Labour 21%
  • UK Cons 22%
  • UK Labour 43%

It’s only small sample of 101 Scots so not statistically reliable but it tells the same story seen in many sub-polls before.

SNP core support unmoved at 42-44%, well above the long period in the mid 30% range, in 2017 and 2018.

Scottish Labour and Scottish Cons lag consistently at only half or less UK support. Sarwar, contrary to some Herald writers is a total failure.



2 thoughts on “Latest Poll: SNP survives daily ferry feeding frenzy to leave Cons and Labour in its wake

  1. Nicola Sturgeon’s final FMQs showed us the reason why the London based parties MSPs will always be the opposition in the Holyrood Parliament.
    Unable to rise to the occasion, pathetically reading their scripts, probably written by somebody in head office who knows little or nothing about of how Scotland has become a better, more caring place for all who live here as Nicola Sturgeon has led us away from the path followed by the UK Government in England.

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  2. DRossie whined about “lies” while his auld Boss was being cross-examined for the lies he repeatedly told. Day after day after day.

    But DRossie loved Boris, then not, then again, then not, then once more until he REALY loved Truss, and now he only loves Rish!

    DRossie is like a 13 year old with “crushes”.

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