YouGov poll: SNP lead highest since January!

There are consistent tendencies amongst the pollsters with Survation and Savanta tending to get lower results for SNP support and YouGov coming in higher.

The most recent YouGov poll has the SNP lead at 17%, up from 11% and 14% in their previous two and almost back to their January poll lead of 18%

Wait, isn’t the SNP in deep doo doo? The Daily Express says so. And all of the others too!

Might most SNP supporters be ignoring all of it?


8 thoughts on “YouGov poll: SNP lead highest since January!

  1. Glad to hear it although cannot help but feel the SNP has a self destruct button at times like these when we have the three leadership contenders and Mike Russell informing the BBC and other hostile media that apparently the Party is ‘in a mess’ when he should know they will distort everything. Yes there is a need for transparency but not airing our dirty washing at the expense that is going to result in damage to the Party and the Independence cause. Feel Russell should be savvy enough to understand that but in any event I have long campaigned that the Party should boycott any interaction with certain sections of the media and hope lessons will be learnt.

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    1. Ah! You fell for it didn’t you? It was subtle but you swallowed it hook 🪝 line & sinker.
      Mike Russel said no such thing. Here’s the l transcript of his interview. The 1st with Martin Geisler, the second after it had passed through the domain of Glen Campbell.
      BBC Politics
      “There hasn’t been a contested contest in the SNP for 19 years, and it
      The SNP’s Interim Chief Exec, Michael Russell calls the misleading of the
      media on SNP party membership numbers a “tremendous mess”
      0:01 /1:12
      12:22 PM . Mar 19, 2023 .

      And after political editing a few minutes later.

      BBC Scotland News
      SNP in ‘tremendous mess’, interim CEO says
      SNP leadership: SNP in ‘tremendous mess’, interim CEO says
      SNP president and interim CEO Mike Russell says the leadership vote must go
      ahead regardless of party problems.
      12:58 PM . Mar 19, 2023.


  2. People who support independence do so because they believe in the principle of independence and are not particularly shaken by problems being experienced by SNP, Alba, Greens or any other party promoting independence.

    In addition, having seen the bile and lies spewed out by unionist politicians and media over the past 10 years, they are wary of media reporting and tend to favour their own principles above mendacity and hatred.

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  3. Russell is savvy enough to know not to reveal tensions to BBC etc but like many of these politicians infighting to gain ground personally is more important , their heart and soul is not with Scottish independence.Being clever isn’t the number one attribute we need it’s the longing for Scottish independence that is number one do any of them that do not show it in their actions and in what they say should be dumped there are plenty out there who will do a better job.

    As for polling I don’t believe what any of them say look around you at the media the BBC STV Sky the whole thing it’s corrupt in favour of Westminster why on earth would anyone even for a minute think that any of these pollsters are fair to Scotland or SNP they’re not they never ever will be ignore them , the best feel you will get is from your community, you soon know when we are winning because the Britnat media go apesh.. and your local britnats go quiet and snap abuse at you if you mention independence

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  4. “Scotland’s” political pundits, right across the colonial media have written off the SNP as finished, their leaders dragged orf in chains (the Tower in old Imperial London?), the party bankrupt with its membership all resigned.

    How great it would be if SCOTLAND has kept its senses and will back a new reformed SNP.

    How spectacular if the Brit Nat commentariat is left eating kangaroo doo-doo?

    How sweet if Starwars and DRossie are left yet again at the starting line–thinking the 100m sprint is a sack-race–which it would be if they had anyone left who hasn’t had a turn yet.

    What will Glenn and Juan say then?

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  5. O/T This headline is on the BBC News website today (20 March): ‘‘Stagnating wages cost UK workers £11,000 a year, says Resolution Foundation’

    It took me back to 2014 when HM Treasury was peddling nonsensical economic forecasts on behalf of the scaremongering NO/UKOK campaign before Scotland’s independence referendum. You may recall that news reports made much of this particular claim:

    ‘Scottish people will be £1,400 a year better off if the country remains in the UK, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said.’

    ‘Introducing the report this morning, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said his fellow Scots would get a “UK Dividend” from staying in the union. “Today we have shown that, by staying together, Scotland’s future will be safer, with stronger finances and a more progressive society, because as a United Kingdom we can pool resources and share risks,” the Lib Dem minister said.’


    So we can now make: (a) a comparison between a speculative forecast with an after the fact analysis; (b) a comparison between the desperate claim of a partisan participant in a political campaign with that of an economic think-tank whose President is the former Tory minister, the Rt Hon. Lord Willetts; and finally (c) a comparison between a FORECAST which stated we in Scotland would miss out on £1,400 per annum by choosing independence with an analysis of ACTUAL economic data that states that those in work in Scotland within the Union are £11,000 a year worse off!

    And in any event, next time perhaps we shouldn’t be influenced by economic forecasts anyway:

    1) ‘IDS in extraordinary Brexit attack on Mark Carney: BoE boss is ‘architect of Project Fear – Iain Duncan Smith has launched an extraordinary attack on Bank of England boss Mark Carney branding him the “architect and promoter of Project Fear” (Daily Express online: Aug 2, 2019)

    2) On the UK after Brexit: ‘Speaking to the Today programme, the Conservative MP said: “I’ve never actually believed those forecasts. “Most of the economists, I think, have been pretty much wrong about this and I think they will be wrong about that. Many other economists don’t believe that. What we will see, once we’re out, with our own trading arrangements, an explosion of real talent and trade.” (Daily Express December 30, 2020)

    3) On the Office for Budget Responsibility: ”OBR watchdog chief admits its borrowing forecasts are ‘almost certain to be wrong’ as Tories seethe over Autumn Statement tax rises’, (Mail Online 21 November, 2022)

    Quoting Professor David Miles, an OBR executive: “the OBR changes its forecast all the time. That reflects shocks and more shocks will come. This means our central forecast today is pretty much guaranteed to be wrong. Outcomes even a year or so down the road will not coincide with today’s central forecast. We are 100 per cent guaranteed to have a central forecast that will turn out to be too high or too low. It may seem obvious from this that such forecasts are useless. But a central estimate of an unknown future outcome that is virtually certain to be wrong and changes over time – sometimes suddenly and sharply – can still be useful.”

    4) ‘OECD accused of misleading forecasts after predicting British economy will shrink. Uncertainty due to Brexit is a key factor in the organisation’s pessimistic outlook.’ (The Telegraph 17 March, 2023)

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