Telegraph accused of lying as SNP pulls weight by taking 4 times as many REFUGEES from Ukraine

The above, from the Telegraph today:

More migrants are held in hotels in Kensington than the whole of Scotland, it has emerged, amid Tory anger over the SNP not pulling its weight.

Scotland has provided hotel spaces for just 500 migrants compared with 600 currently being housed in Kensington and Chelsea, even though the London borough has a population more than a 30th the size. It is understood that Wales has even fewer migrants in hotels than Scotland.

Don’t the Tories want us to prioritise refugees?

The facts:

Based on the above UK Government data, there have been 40 343 applications by Ukrainian refugees to live in Scotland and 30 668 visas have been issued.

All things being equal, with 10 times the population, you might expect there to have been 400 000 applications and 300 000 visas issued to live in England but there were only 86 000 and 77 000 respectively.

Scotland has been, at least, four times as welcoming.

As for hotels:

We have long called for an end to the Home Office’s use of hotel rooms as accommodation for people seeking asylum. Hotels are not appropriate places for people who have recently arrived here seeking refugee protection. We know from experience that housing people in hotel rooms can be extremely isolating, preventing people from becoming involved in the local community, getting to know those around them and taking steps to rebuild their lives in peace and safety.

4 thoughts on “Telegraph accused of lying as SNP pulls weight by taking 4 times as many REFUGEES from Ukraine

  1. This is a great story of the successful and caring response of Scotland compared to England , the Telegraph newspaper will know these figures but decided to lie and try to present Scotland in a bad light ,what a despicable bunch of horrible people they are.Tory England is a horrible place to be .


  2. An alternative framing could have been “Scotland has fewer hotels owned by Tories holding Serco shares and having a hotline to Home Home Office Ministers than in Kensington and Chelsea”, but that’s now Charles Hymas rolls…

    You get a flavour of the man, or should that be stench, from the opening of his Linkedin connection – “I am a creative and strategic thinker who has masterminded media campaigns that have had an impact nationally and worldwide. I led my teams of 30-plus reporters ..” – Essentially the author is a serial propagandist, and rather proud of it, and probably gets bonus points from HQ for every criticism of the SNP.

    Yet consider his distorted logic – Where do “More migrants” arrive to determine where ‘temporary accommodation” aka “holding cells” might be required – Would it be along the Firth of Forth where “Rent-a-Suella small boats” have never been see to land, not even Scrabster.
    Perhaps direct flights to Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc., still no.
    99.999etc% of migrants will land up on London’s doorstep, period.

    All Charles has attempted to do in having “an impact nationally and worldwide” is use most facile of constructs because his god “Torydom” is getting flak over creating this very crisis that ALL migrants have had to endure for months if not years.

    To think this utter drivel from Charles would have had Telegraph readers chortling over breakfast, says more of Charles and his readers than it reveals of Scots or the SG.

    As PS to Hymas’s purported pride over Kensington and Conservatism… Was it not under Kensington Tories that Grenfell just “happened” ?


  3. Westminster helped cause this crisis by backing eternal war. The warmongers are making monies out of the changes in Europe. The West have been threatening the Russian Borders for years. Missiles trained on Russia. They would not put up with it. The West breaking agreements. NATO controlled by the US. Ukraine neutrality disagreements. Ukraine administration totally corrupt. Taxpayers monies being laundered through Ukraine back to politicans in the West.

    £5Billion spent on more nuclear. It would be better spent rebuilding Libya and Iraq etc. Less migrants would come to Europe. There would be more stability, The West is now trying to threaten China. Incompetent useless fools like Sunak.


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