Massive fall in delayed discharges average stay

From Public Health Scotland today:

Of those delayed at the January 2023 census point, the average (median) length of delay was 21 days, a decrease of 25% on the figure of 28 days reported for December 2022. In January 2023, the average number of beds occupied per day due to delayed discharges was 1,833, a decrease of 2% from the December 2022 figure of 1,878.

BBC Scotland informing us?


One in six patients should not be in hospital:

Lisa Summers and a photo of a sad old lady to help you decide whether the health secretary should be sacked.


4 thoughts on “Massive fall in delayed discharges average stay

  1. O/T Listened to STV News at 6pm. In the piece on STV’s televised SNP leadership programme tonight, Bernard Ponsonby casually states (in terms) that the educational attainment gap in Scotland is widening.

    No mention of the metric he is basing this on; no mention of the time period he is referring to; no mention of how the Covid pandemic and consequent changes to how exams for secondary school students were marked and the impact this had on recent statistics etc. Just a negative assertion thrown out to STV’s national audience!

    And ignoring actual evidence to the contrary. Candidly, the rate of closure may be slower than wished but that is NOT the same as ‘widening’!

    And here is a source of contrary evidence: ‘Summary Statistics for Attainment and Initial Leaver Destinations, No. 5: 2023 Edition’, (Published 28 February 2023)


    For example in this report for the countering evidence see:

    Chart 3: Percentage of school leavers in a positive initial destination, by SIMD, 2009/10 to 2021/22

    Chart 4: Percentage of school leavers by attainment at SCQF Level 4 to 6 or better, by SIMD quintile, 2009/10 to 2021/22

    (One could of course also refer to university admissions’ time series data.)

    This is precisely the sort of thing that a Scottish Government and/or SNP rebuttal process should address instantly!


    1. Hi Stewart
      Thanks for your many excellent contributions to TUS
      I am on a mission to highlight that STV is not broadcast in the South and South West of Scotland so despite its name it is not a national broadcaster.
      Please keep up the good work


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