Social care in Scotland praised by real researchers who know their stuff.

There are some dodgy so-called research and ‘thinktanks’ out there feeding the media, especially BBC Scotland with unreliable findings to undermine the Scottish Government, the SNP or the wider case for independence.

You know who they are, tied to Cons or Labour or the oil, gas, alcohol and tobacco manufacturers – the Adam Smith Institute, the Centre for Policy Studies and of course the unions such as the BMA or the RCN, the Fabian Society, the NEF, the IFS, These Islands and Reform Scotland

But, there are some you can trust, agenda-free, fair, evidence-based – the Nuffield Trust, the JRF and Open Democracy.

From the Nuffield Trust on 16 February 2023:

All four UK countries are struggling with workforce pressures and it’s clear that none have successfully tackled the issue. But it is striking that the Migration Advisory Committee has singled out England for its inaction, warning that “the conditions now faced by the social care sector are unsustainable”. In contrast, the committee has commended Scottish and Welsh governments for their “clear action” to address pay and professional status of staff working in social care.

Workforce regulators in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have driven a number of improvements in the terms and conditions for social care staff, with Scotland and Wales taking steps to address poor pay by increasing minimum hourly wages for people working in the sector.

Having a mandatory register for care workers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has improved data and knowledge of the sector – an important resource at the height the pandemic that was used to help identify staff in Wales in need of infection control training. There is also early evidence that registration may improve standards and contribute to giving staff a sense of professional belonging.

2 thoughts on “Social care in Scotland praised by real researchers who know their stuff.

  1. Nothing about this on any of the BBC pages – Health, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

    Nor anything about the appalling cancer treatment data for English Health Trusts in respect of cancer treatment.

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  2. The greater problem is not the “dodgy so-called research and ‘thinktanks’ out there” but failure of the media to honestly investigate and report, particularly so in the case of the BBC in Scotland.

    There have always been lobby-groups attempting to influence government, and media attempting to direct public opinion, but at nowhere near the level of sophistication it is today.

    eg This in prime slot on both the Scotland and Scotland/Politics pages promotes yet another “Disclosure” program to be aired this evening, doubtless focussing on these same 3 exceptions as indicative of the norm.
    – Yet on scanning through the piece there was not the slightest attempt to explain the effect of strangled budgets, Brexit, doctors’ conditions being interfered with, or strangled training of medical professionals imposed by Westminster – The focus was entirely on SG.
    That’s not journalism, it’s gaslighting.

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