Ferry Fears 200?

In the Herald today, in the long-running ‘Hell hat no Ferries’ series, we see:

NEW fears have surfaced over whether two vessels at the centre of Scotland’s ferry fiasco will ever set sail as it emerged an agreement over the publicly funded budget for the nationalised shipyard firm at the centre of the row has stalled for months.


On 11 December 2022, under an image of the MV Glen Sannox, Martin Williams had:

Workforce fears Scots fiasco ferries won’t ever sail

In July 2022, The Glen Sannox had sailed

Final delivery will be in May 2023.

Back to today, whose ‘fears’ Martin?

Note the lack of speech marks in the headline? That’s because no one said the word. The closest I can find is:

‘One ferry user group?’ One? Unnamed? Why? That it?

Any reason for not mentioning the openly quotable Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (Cmal) CE, Kevin Hobbs?

My honest feeling is unless there is a complete and utter failure of a major piece of equipment during commissioning, it can still be achieved, but if it doesn’t, you’re talking about weeks’ worth of slippages, not years.


4 thoughts on “Ferry Fears 200?

  1. I suppose “ one ferry user group “ could be BBC Scotland , yes I’m sure of that , some of the put Scotland down whenever possible people at BBC Scotland will use the ferries and they are a “group” .

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  2. And as the Heralds circulation figures slip below the waves..

    A cheer could be heard from the crew and passengers on the passing MV Glen Sannox ferry.

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  3. “Fears as Sunday Herald sinks further into irrelevance”.

    The Yellow Page vessel, SoS Herald sails down gutter, and abysmally fails the test of public interest accountability.

    One tiny piece about the election of Scotland”s next First Minister, while Kazia Dugdale (whozat Ma?) gets a half a page to whine about the misogynistic Labour lot not taking her seriously.
    Yup, seriously—as if.

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  4. The unionists are obsessed with the ferries. Once they are finished what will they find to moan about. The new ferries will save £Billions in fuel. New technology is innovative.


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