Have Tory bullies scared Prof Sridhar away from praising Scotland’s pandemic efforts?

For some time now, I’ve noticed Edinburgh Prof Sridhar’s absence from UK MSM where she often angered the Scottish Tories by telling the truth.

There’s no mention of Scotland in the above Guardian piece despite the evidence being all about England.

She used to be more specific and prepared to praise NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government.

In July 2020 we saw this:

Even as recently as 2022, we saw this:

Why are there now no comparisons when Scotland did markedly better.

For example, from stewartb:

Of all the UK nations, England and Northern Ireland experienced the highest Covid-19 mortality rates for people living in the most deprived areas (Quintile 1). Scotland experienced by far the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate amongst the nations in its most deprived areas.

Moreover, the mortality rates in ALL quintiles in Scotland were substantially lower than the equivalent areas in ALL the other UK nations. Indeed, the chart shows that the mortality rates in England, Wales and NI for their LEAST deprived three quintiles (3, 4 and 5) were also higher than the mid-level, Quintile 3 in Scotland.

Or this:

Or this:


9 thoughts on “Have Tory bullies scared Prof Sridhar away from praising Scotland’s pandemic efforts?

  1. I suspect that the absence of mention of Scotland is down to the editorial policy of The Guardian. The default, English nationalist stance of this bombastic publication, precludes favourable mention of ‘the provinces’ or Scotland and Wales. The job of Severin Carrel and Libby Brookes is to write anti Scottish stories. If there is to be reference toScotland and Covid, then the latter two will produce a hatchet job.

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  2. The Guardian repeatedly headlines stories as ‘in the UK’ or ‘the UK’s’ this that or the next thing but read the articles and it is invaria ly about England and occasionally England and Wales. It seems the Guardian, and others, are determined to tar our services & institutions with England’s brush.

    As to Prof Sridhar’s absence from our screens that owes more to the fact that roadcast news appears to have lost interest in Covid or decided it is no longer interested. She is still on Twitter though

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  3. To be fair, Sridhar was giving her opinion on what the latest “WhatsApp” story reveals of London political thinking versus the science, rather than making comparison on outcomes.

    Sooner or later the shallowness and sheer incompetence that ruled the political roost at HMG and displaced expertise over Covid was going to leak out – The Tory “news management/propaganda” contractors will be anxious to contain and confine it whilst the accountability can gets kicked further down the road.

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