Why were Covid deaths among non-White ethnic minority groups in Scotland far lower pro rata than among white majority?

Today, the much-respected Open Democracy site has:

Excluding the impact of structural racism from the Covid-19 inquiry would be a “glaring omission”, a preliminary hearing has been told.

Campaigners have called the inquiry’s decision “shocking” as it reaches its final preliminary stage.

Allison Munroe KC, who is representing bereaved families, told a preliminary hearing of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry on Tuesday that “the issue of structural discrimination and racism should be investigated as a key issue in each and every module”.

“If this inquiry is to properly investigate the issue of systemic failings,” she said, “not to consider structural discrimination would be a glaring omission.”


When similar sentiments were expressed in an early stage of the pandemic, I was intrigued to find these data for Scotland:

In England:

Black and Minority Ethnic people make up 14.5% of the population in England but have had 17% of all Covid-19 deaths. However, some groups, are particularly affected. Black Caribbeans are likely to die at twice rate of their population share. Even more striking, Pakistanis are dying at three times the rate of their population share.


In Scotland:

4.1% (225 000) of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups yet they only make up 1% of the Covid-19 deaths.


I always hesitate with numbers but that difference between 1% and 17% looks significant, enough to want to explore the reason why. I suspect our MSM may not be interested.

Footnote: Even if we extract the Asian group, 2.6% of the population, they have only 0.9% of the deaths.

Footnote 2: Were any of the 8.9% unrecorded BAME? Doesn’t even the low-level subconscious racism, all-too-common, suggest that to a ‘white’ recorder, ‘white’ skin will be less notable?

Footnote 3: I haven’t accessed more recent data. Perhaps a reader could?

5 thoughts on “Why were Covid deaths among non-White ethnic minority groups in Scotland far lower pro rata than among white majority?

  1. O/T but interesting?
    They should change the wording to ‘broadcasting in Scotland’, was it really ever Scottish broadcasting, and crikey, radio was broadcasted in schools in Scotland to inform the children if their history, ie, to brainwash the kids? I don’t remember that happening in NE England where I went to school, ie, kiddy prison.
    Events taking place, hope some can attend and ask a few pertinent questions.
    What was Vale tv? Sounds very 1984.


  2. Thanks to namorrodor’s link, I see they are now higher in Scotland too.

    Could this be because of falling mortality in the white population with vaccines rather than increases in BAME mortality and a lack of a fall thee due to vaccine hesitancy?


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