Violent crime in England & Wales at almost TWICE the level in Scotland

The above Inyourarea graphic reveals the varying levels of violent crime per 1 000 population, based on ONS data published on 26 January 2023, across England & Wales.

Below, from Statista, for the same period, the data, per 10 000, for Scotland.

Don’t be offended if I remind you to divide the Scottish figures by 10 before comparing with those for England and Wales.

So, Dundee, with the highest level in Scotland of 80.7 violent crimes per 1 000 comes in 24th equal with Cambridge.

Notably the average for England & Wales, 92.6 per 1 000, is approaching twice that of Scotland at 52.4, per 1 000.


2 thoughts on “Violent crime in England & Wales at almost TWICE the level in Scotland

  1. Dundee violence must be concentrated in a few particular areas because if you strolled through the city on any given day you would see no violence whatsoever and yet it is the worst in Scotland apparently .
    Maybe in the big housing schemes which are the poorer areas on the outskirts of the city is where it all happens.


  2. No, no. Scotland is awash with the threat of violence.
    Ruthie “am a heidbanger” Davidson wants to “put the boot in”.
    Ian “take nae prisoners” Davidson–“Gie her a kickin'”!

    Brit Nat Rules……O.K…………..ya bams…………… big brithir in the BEEB wul git ye!!!!!!


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