UK poll of 20 000 puts support for Scottish independence ahead with massive 19% lead

Published today, Hope Not Hate’s poll, aimed primarily at measuring support for right-wing extremism, has inadvertently revealed broad support for Scottish independence across the UK.

I should, as always, note a lack of any detail on research methods, especially sampling.


2 thoughts on “UK poll of 20 000 puts support for Scottish independence ahead with massive 19% lead

  1. That feels about right. Still 50/50 and all to play for.

    The Brit Nat commentariat (AKA the media) are gloating about the demise of the SNP and the “end for independence”.
    Trouble for them is that half of the Scots dont agree with them, and many in the other half are ambivalent. Not one pundit has the wit to ask what the UK will do about this.

    The Tories are actively working to undermine devolved government.
    4 Equal nations? Nope, that was rope-a-dope time.

    Labour are sitting on their collective thumbs and humming……. “God save oor Starmer”……
    “Claim of Right”? Aye right!

    The independence movement has waxed and waned since the 60’s, but every incoming tide washes up the beach a little more.
    A new leader with some grit and nous can lead us to independence.

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  2. Didn’t we know it ? Didn’t we ?
    You get a gut feeling in your community in your city , when you speak to people when you see the behaviour of unionists when you see the behaviour of independencers , the unionists have all the powers all the levers and switches all the weaponry of media brainwashing and english money but we have the people and the minds of Scots , a stronger force you won’t find our young folk coming through know the score and are intent on forcing change.

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