Another desperate attempt to do down NHS Scotland fails

It’s been tough for them but the Herald with the help of comparisons done by London-based non-transparent on who funds them, thinktank, the IFS, is today delighted to announce:

In the NHS recovery drive, is England outperforming Scotland?


I can’t find published data to enable the above comparison reliably. Who knows, maybe they have found one in a hundred areas where NHS England ‘appears’ to outperform NHS Scotland.

Well done! That’ll teach those Nats! Imagine if that was your purpose in life, to do down your own country?

However, on operation completions, I can find comparable data that tells you something important.

How many ops are cancelled last minute because there is no surgeon available or because an operating theatre has become unavailable?

In England in Quarter 3, October to December 2022, there were 21 273.

Now, all things being equal, the number of those in Scotland, with one tenth of the population would be around 2 130.

In the same period it was 1 573, 26% lower.



5 thoughts on “Another desperate attempt to do down NHS Scotland fails

  1. You might have thought that between the “some” and the “one” and the “has largely been achieved” there would have been sufficient room for a “maybe” or three or further information to enable interpretation – eg How many died, went private, emigrated in those 9 months ?
    Mind you, this is a Helen McArdle piece 🙄

    Pardon my scepticism that the Trusts in England over 9 months of systemic meltdown and staffing shortage with industrial action looming in November 2022, actually treated almost 2,500 every month ?

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  2. Operations can be cancelled for all sorts of reasons. My scheduled op back in 2018 had to cancelled twice when I was in pre op room, due to having a high temperature.
    I met an older woman on the day who was scheduled to have an operation but they found she has a very bad heart problem and had to cancel the op not even able to reschedule because if her I’ll health. When scheduled ops have to be postponed or cancelled its not out of malice or lack of care, non emergency treatment mostly works well all things considered. If LabourCons had their way, folks would be leaving hospital with a massive bill in their pocket, if of course they were lucky enough to be treated in the first place if they didn’t have insurance.

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  3. Many of England’s hospitals are literally falling apart, the buildings are old and not safe. Saw a film about it on YouTube, very scary indeed. All part of the plan by Tory Labour cons to sell it off lock stock and barrel. There will be no English NHS in a couple of years time.

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    1. You could put a fag paper between how Labour and Tories look at government finances today, the “can’t afford it” circus…
      Amazing what Attlee’s government achieved despite the UK’s finances held together with brown paper and glue and an entire country to rebuild after WW2 really…

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  4. I can only talk about the SNHS from personal experience. I can tell you that it saved my man’s life not once but twice. I cannot enthuse enough about the treatment he received both times in Ninewells Hospital. They even fed me and I was only visiting.


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