Anas Sarwar ‘absent’ on equal gay rights

Sarwar’s voting record on equal gay rights:

On 5 Mar 2014:Anas Sarwar was absent for a vote on Same Sex Marriage — Enabling Courts to Deal with Divorce or Annulment Proceedings

On 5 Mar 2014:Anas Sarwar was absent for a vote on Make Same Sex Marriage Available to Armed Forces Personnel Outside the United Kingdom

On 21 May 2013:Anas Sarwar was absent for a vote on Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill — Third Reading

On 5 Feb 2013:Anas Sarwar voted in favour of allowing same sex couples to marry.

Being absent when it comes to it, is the coward’s way out.

See: Scotland’s imams oppose gay marriage

10 thoughts on “Anas Sarwar ‘absent’ on equal gay rights

  1. It is clear that the media are attempting to restrict all discussion and comment on the leadership of the SNP on the Gender Recognition Act. Prior to her decision to resign, the media presented the GRA as Nicola Sturgeon’s GRA, despite the fact that it was a bill passed by the Scottish Parliament with a very large majority of MSPs voting in favour. Those MSPs were from all five parties represented in the Parliament, with SNP, Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats all voting either by a large majority or unanimously, and with three Conservative MSPs voting in favour.

    The media are failing to ask MSPs from the Labour Party and LibDems about the issue.

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    1. ‘… despite the fact that it was a bill passed by the Scottish Parliament with a very large majority of MSPs voting in favour.’ Indeed!

      And despite the principle of self-ID being endorsed officially by the UN and by the Council of Europe; even by the Tory government led by Teresa May until the ‘screeching about turn’ when Johnson gained power; and has been introduced in now multiple countries across the world, including Ireland, Nordic countries and most recently, Spain.

      We know why the corporate media and the BBC have singularly failed to provide this kind of context and perspective – and it’s not been because of media support for ‘women’s rights’!

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  2. If Nicola Sturgeon had brought in legislation on ANY Social Issue which improved the lot of many , the current MSM with the tacit support of the cowardly Scottish Opposition parties would be against it !
    That is the state of the media/Opposition which infests Scotland today !

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  3. So Anas Sarwar is a hypocrite (or a coward)? And in another story, a postman was chased by a dog. I think we knew that already. Really the only thing to be learned was just how much of a hypocrite (or coward) he was (or is).
    There are two reasons that Sarwar did this is rather beside the point
    1. I’m assuming that this is a response to the criticism of Kate Forbes for missing the votes on the GRA which she has fessed up she couldn’t have supported (and thus might very well have had to resign in the same manner as Ash Regan). But how much relevance does Sarwar have here? To the best of my knowledge, he’s not a candidate for the SNP leadership. Nor does he have much traction with those who will elect the new SNP leader. Put short, as my late mother used to tell my brother and I (when in dispute and blaming each other) “two wrongs don’t make a right”.
    2. The second point is that many (most?) savvy politicians now realise that gender is kryptonite. Many politicians will run away faced with a question on this matter. One reason is that if you don’t follow in every dot and comma the demands of the trans community you are a homophobe. Yet this community, taking the recent figure from the 2021 English census, is a fraction of 1% of the population.
    More seriously, and for whatever reasons, they don’t enjoy much in the way of support in the wider community. Why not, and whether and if so what ought to be done to change this, is a whole other conversation. BUT, the point here is that it is a conversation that really ought to have been begun BEFORE legislating. As Jeanne Freeman has said there were real issues about trans rights – particularly access to all female spaces, whether a “trans women” ARE “women” or what are they and what rights should be accorded to them.
    In my view, Nicola in her enthusiasm to drag Scottish social attitudes a bit closer to the 21st century forgot this. As FM she enjoyed fantastic approval ratings and (especially after Covid) was widely trusted. I suspect she thought she could use this to get it through. Perhaps the Named Person imbroglio (and I mean the opposition from the Duelling Banjos end of our religious communities) might have warned her?
    So, what about young Ms Forbes? Certainly she has a perfect right to live her life according to her own religious precepts. So does Ian Blackford (also, I understand a Wee Free). However, that said, she is standing for the role of leader of the SNP, and as such – just as with Nicola and Alex before her – the expectation is that she will be a vote winner. Her discomfort with trans rights has support in the wider community. And perhaps the righteous in the SNP ought to ask themselves first, which of the three candidates is most likely to deliver a positive result at the next election(s) , and maybe even independence, rather than their position on trans rights? Cart and horse?
    One last thought. I was quite surprised to see that Angus Robertson is not going to stand, he says for “family reasons”. I know he has young children and this is a good reason, but so does Humza, and for that matter Kate Forbes has a baby of about 6 months. Angus also resides in Edinburgh, while Kate is up in the Highlands. I find this all so odd that I wonder – just muse – whether the strategy of certain individuals (no names but I think we all know who we’re talking about) was to encourage Forbes to stand, while Robertson stood back. Identify her as someone of dodgy social views to diminish her standing in the debate so much that she goes back to maternity leave, and, guess what, Robertson changes his mind. Thus we have a run off between Angus and Humza (I’m discounting Ash Regan as too much of an outsider, though I love her idea of an independence convention – and btw, it sounds to me as if Kate Forbes thinks that if she runs Scotland well, we will be independent without having to campaign). Tbh, that is what I suspected nearly as strongly as it appals me. Nicola has gone, so we might just elect the most shop soiled senior minister that we have (Humza) so that as FM he can be battered by his “failures” at Justice and the NHS. Brilliant. Or if not him, a competent enough guy but with no personality. Can you imagine Angus giving Dross or Sarwar the kind of tonking that Nicola used to give them? I can just about imagine Kate Forbes doing the same thing – but she’s a homophobe in’t she?


    1. To be fair to Ms Forbes, she has been selectively quoted by the BBC and other media for malign reasons. Her religious affiliations are well-known and she has stated clearly how she would have voted had she had the opportunity. However, she went on to say that she recognised that these are personal views and, if she were leader, she would have to take cognisance of what the views of other party MSPs are and of the Parliament as a whole. This is a principled position.

      However, all the media want to do is to stoke division and to restrict debate to GRA and equal marriage, the latter having been settled many years ago and not just in Scotland. Perhaps the media and some opposition politicians would like to reflect on the murder of the young trans woman in Warrington two weeks ago and consider whether their baleful pronouncements contributed to this hate crime.

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      1. Well if she becomes leader, she better get used to it and right quick!
        That said, I think we are saying something that is at least similar. Your point that she could, in effect, put distance between personal views and duty if leader is well made. My expression of this, less lucid than yours, was “Certainly she has a perfect right to live her life according to her own religious precepts. So does Ian Blackford (also, I understand a Wee Free)”. I dont doubt her ability to put her personal and religious views to one side if the public interest needed this.
        Given that, the key thing is she a “winner”. Two things – both straws in the wind admittedly – suggest she might be. First, it was reported over the weekend that the candidate the London parties do NOT want to come out on top is Kate Forbes. As I noted at the end, I just can’t see Dross or Sarwar getting the kind of kicking they got from Nicola from either of the other candidates.
        Secondly, on Twitter Angus McNeill is going big on her according to James Kelly ( is, Kelly hopes, because “he knows something most of the rest of us don’t about her approach to winning independence”. See too
        McNeill might play the clown a wee bit, but he’s no fool.
        Lastly I take your point about the murder in Warrington, and am convinced the trans community need protection. On the other hand, there is the Isla Bryson case. My own view on this has always been guided by the precept that “Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins” (Oliver Wendall Holmes).

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      2. THIS – “To be fair to Ms Forbes, she has been selectively quoted by the BBC and other media for malign reasons”.

        MSM had no problem in approving and indeed promoting serial adulterer, integrity-free and prolific liar, failure as London Mayor Johnson to the highest office in the land ; Nor his successor and her Chancellor despite almost wrecking the UK economy within days ; Nor a King with a history of adultery; etc., etc..

        Yet candidates for an internal contest for leadership of the SNP “Up North” must be held to higher standards – Who knew actually having principles mattered to the UK’s media….🤣 Ciaran ?


  4. I posted on this yesterday as long as Mr Murrel remains CEO of the party he has full control as the constitution was changed to allow him and a few others to change any rules they want when they want, therefore you can be sure that this appointment will be who they want. My other point is that GRA has not only been allowed to hijack independance it is now being used to hijack the election of the new party leader this is mana from heaven for the unionist and the media the more we discuss it the more fuel we add to the fire.
    I would like to see the candidates consentrate on Independance and not be side tracked by GRA and other policy commitments that have not been achieved. As a independance and SNP supporter since I was 16 my fundamental reason for this is Scotland should be detached from the rest of the UK the SNP was started to achieve this but we seem to get bogged down with side issues Independance and who ever the new first minister is should make it front and centre and cooperate with the wider yes movement and other parties and I include in that Alba as there has been a lot of good activists moved over to them time to bury the hatchet hold out the olive branch stop the petty discussions and lets work together to claim what is our soverergn rite . Iam now 66 years old and have waited long enough.


  5. I expect better of you than that!

    1. He votes Yes on the First reading of the bill.

    2. ‘His absence was noted at the time, and in a Twitter thread, he responded to questions about why he was not there: “Had ministerial engagement arranged beforehand but signed pledge, voted for stage one and v public about my (continued) support!”
    Pressed for detail, he said: “Meeting Pakistan Consul discussing Scot on death row accused under Blasphemy Law not one could/want avoid.”’

    I am not retweeting such a deceptive blog post. Shame on you! You certainly do not have to support him, but his support for equal marriage IS on the record.


    1. Blech. I apologise! I had just been arguing this on twitter and had a kneejerk reaction, totally missing that you were not talking about Humza Yousaf. I need to slow down my kneejerk reactions.


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