Glasgow’s super-hospital continues to be one of safest

From Public Health Scotland (PHS), information on Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMRs) for the period October 2017 to September 2022.

Should any hospital have a higher mortality rate than that predicted, you would see a blue dot for it on or above the upper red line in the chart below. None has.

Notably, given the repeated attempts by opposition parties and their friends in the media to portray it as failing, Glasgow’s QEUH (extreme right blue dot) continues to perform, based on hard evidence and not Anas Sarwar’s shouty comments on TV, as one of the safest in the country.


7 thoughts on “Glasgow’s super-hospital continues to be one of safest

  1. Now, if someone could produce a graph similar to that above showing the correlation between The Truth and Opposition Politicians’ /Unionist Media’s apocalyptic warnings about the End Of the NHS as we know it , I would be much obliged .


  2. Great work all round from the QEUH hospital and all its staff.

    It is therefore so sad, for the same staff to have to listen day in day out, to the ridiculous comments from the MSM and opposition politicians denigrating the staff and their hard work at this great hospital.


  3. What’s the hospital with the blue dot at the far left down at the 0.% marker? Likewise the one at 0.5%. It would be really useful if all the hospitals were name-tagged, but overall it’s satisfying that all Scotland’s hospitals are comfortably below the upper control limit.


    1. The 0.5 is Arran War Memorial Hospital
      I couldn’t find an entry for the one at zero, perhaps it is Scotland overall as on the PHS website the number of predicted and actual deaths were the same

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      1. OK, understood. I had a swift look at the report via the link under the graph and didn’t spot a link to more detailed data. Maybe my mind is a bit fuzzled by this morning’s other news.


  4. Attacking the SNHS, Education and vulnerable people loses votes. The public who benefits support the essential services.

    Still in Westminster control taking too much revenues and resources from Scotland. For mismanaged and grotesque projects of no value. The pandemic and Brexit poor, bad decisions. The Tories are corrupt. Lost support. Down and out.


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