You have to pay attention if you want the latest news on child vaping in Scotland – try BBC UK instead

In an extended piece on vaping by children, on a Saturday morning when, for some unknown reason, BBC Scotland staff get a lie-in, we hear the above and this:

Will BBC Reporting Scotland badly, mention this when they wake up for their tea-time broadcast?

We also hear that they don’t have enough trading standards officer anyway in England, after cuts under the…who is it again….oh yeh, the Conservatives.

The BBC Scotland website has nothing on this currently and on 20 January 2023, made no mention of registration or training being required in Scotland:


5 thoughts on “You have to pay attention if you want the latest news on child vaping in Scotland – try BBC UK instead

  1. The BBC?
    Where, Scotland?
    Now where is that place again? Is it near Moldova?

    You think i’m joking?
    On a recent House of Games, an English program funding by the small Scottish allocation from the BBC (actually the pitiful share of OUR licence fee moneys), a contestant was asked about GLASGOW.
    Even though she was supposedly flown up to Glasgow, she had no clue as to where the city was on a map.

    I suspect this Scotland-funded show is filmed in Manchester.

    I am also sure I read that BBC Scotland money was used to film a woman’s England football game. True?

    I watched the under 20’s Scotland rugby game last night—BBC commentary team non-Scottish, even though it was in Scotland.


    1. On University Challenge whenever any Scotland-related question – geography, arts, culture whatever – comes up the teams rarely answer them. Totally at sea when it comes to anything north of the border.

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    2. You were fortunate indeed to watch any of Scotland’s sporting teams/events on ‘council’ TV. Apparently they don’t have the resources to compete with SKY for these. Instead you can look forward to yet more English Premier football games on the BBC/ITV in future. Just what we need to cement good relations with our neighbours after all we are just happy to be in this UK as equals. Aren’t we?

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    1. “Just a minute” newswise.

      “Beeb Scotia– read out a news report for just a minute without–
      repetition (of old news),
      or bias.
      It must be truthful and accurate and reflect TODAYS news.

      “What do you mean that is impossible”?


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