Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!

I don’t commonly do book reviews here but someone shared a few pages of the above and they surprised even me.

Nearly 200 pages in:

If you have a book you’d especially like to recommend or even to warn us off, feel free to comment below.


5 thoughts on “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!

  1. The Americans discriminated against the black soldiers in the War. Until they turned out to be better than them at holding the Germans off. They mixed with others in Britain. To fight the war discriminated against, with less rights. Then returned to the States to be discriminated again, There is a statue to one black US soldiers in France. They got the honours and awards, Purple Heart? They died in the war. Civil rights movement 1960s to end racial inequality. Still on going. Black people being killed by the Police. Riots etc. Migration discrimination caused by the West illegal wars. Breaking International Law, with impunity. The divine right to entitlement and surpression of others. Brexit. Catastrophe. The Tory self righteous self harming. Harming everyone else. The Tories getting sanctioned through the Courts.


  2. I thought for a moment that Brian Wilson must have written this story.

    Ein Volk, ein Riech, Ein Fuhrer —-as it was almost slithered into his Yellow page column.

    The gutter calls you, you can’t refuse.
    When you ain’t got nuthin’ you got nuthin’ to lose.

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  3. Absolutely shocking. Of course the people of Africa were treated utterly barbarically, but to celebrate and embrace Hitler, that’s got to be stooping so low there’s nowhere else to go. Trevor Noah will lose lots of fans, I hope. To actually put those words into print, makes him as bad as the cruel lowlifes who oppressed the people of Africa.
    Dangerous stuff, it will appeal to his hated Maga far right, racist republicans though.
    Surprised it got passed by the publishers, whoever they are.


  4. Misinterpretation. Missing the point of the explanation, No internet connection at the time. People are ignorant without vital information. It is a different prospective. Looking back with hindsight and more knowledge gives more realisation.

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