37% increase in Beautiful Wings only over Scotland?

Did you think this might be about the Rev Stu Campbell?

Surely the ‘beautiful’ suggested otherwise?

From Butterfly Conservation, today:

Scotland is the only UK country for which the all species butterfly indicators show long-term increases
in abundance and distribution, a 37% increase in abundance (1979-2019).

Read the full report at:

Click to access State%20of%20UK%20Butterflies%202022%20Report.pdf

Our Resident Lepidopterologist, Professor Gordon Motherwell Gibson-Gibson confirms that this recovery in Scotland’s butterfly population is likely to be due, in part, probably, to SNP policies on the environment and tree-planting.

Footnote: The current Wings over Scotland debate is on whether common moths should be allowed into beautiful butterfly’s safe places. Careful how you go.


4 thoughts on “37% increase in Beautiful Wings only over Scotland?

  1. Good, Need more bees for human existent. The human chain and pollution. More insects for the bird population. Reducing in size. Less birds. Less predators to co exist. To help the food change with less insestisides in the food change. What’s not to like about butterflies, bees and birds in a wild garden or summer countryside. Back to nature to be enjoyed and recuperate. Nurture or nature. Scotland is recognised for its magnificent, awesome scenery, The best place in the world for open spaces. £Billions in tourism recognised worldwide. One of the top destination (pro rata) A 40million diaspora,

    Brexit losing £Billions. Not voted for in Scotland.

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  2. The major population swapping a few trans safe places. A sign of bullying. Instead of a bit of compassion . Live and let live. A storm in a teacup. A mountain out of a molehill. It seems to get some bigots going. Especially going to which loo. A minor deviation. Everyone cancan be accommodated quite easily. There have been mixed changing rooms/areas for years and separate loos. Without any problems, Solves many problems for more to use the facilities, Familie changing rooms etc, There are always separate loos or cubicles with a sign on it, Patehts and carers can accompany children or others. Safer situations to prevent any bother. People are abused in their own homes by people that they know. The majority by far.


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