Worry not! Scotland’s trains are running today

From BBC Reporting Scotland this morning as they work hard to make sure you don’t feel excluded from the even more disruptive events elsewhere in the UK

Thousands of workers from a range of sectors are preparing top joining picket lines across the country…

After a string of warnings of industrial action, of the kind a public service broadcaster should be providing, we hear in some detail of the rail strikes in England, not in Scotland, but affecting services between Scotland and England, and this quietly and quickly added at the end:

Scotrail services will be unaffected though.

Did you catch that? I think she mentioned something about Scotrail. You better phone the station anyway. I don’t want you being late for that……


3 thoughts on “Worry not! Scotland’s trains are running today

  1. I’ve noticed recently that BBC and SKY have introduced a bunch of female presenters with Scottish accents , on the football and news and there’s a male Scottish voice on the cross country skiing on tv a Scottish female presenting the last minute programme about the new signings / transfers English premier league football on sky
    You can tell they are fed a script through their earpiece and have zero interest in football but are high on the promotion .
    BBC and Sky making an effort
    I wonder why
    Not like them

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  2. This is a propaganda tactic of implying culpability by association. By framing a report on the Scotland by prefacing it with bad news from England/UK (interchangeable terms) it is hoped people will presume the same applies to Scotland – this the SCOTTISH news after all – and a brief statement saying that all the previous does not apply here, just slips past.

    This is clearly wilful.

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