Grenfell: What you won’t hear from Michael Gove

Leah Gunn Barrett

This letter refused by Sunday Times.

Michael Gove’s admission of Tory culpability six years after the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster won’t bring back the 72 people who died. The deadly blaze was caused by the lack of English fire safety building regulations, which Tory ministers would no doubt deem to be ‘useless red tape.’ After all, the Tories’ property development chums are more important than some poor residents in a tower block who would never vote Conservative.

What you won’t hear from Gove is that the Grenfell disaster couldn’t have happened in Scotland. Since 2000, our building standards have required cavity fire barriers so that in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, the fire won’t spread within the building’s cavities.[1] That’s why a Glasgow tower block fire in September of last year was put out in an hour with no casualties.[2] Nor was there a towering inferno in a 2021 Glasgow tower block fire that was contained on one floor with no casualties.[3]

The UK Government has just introduced its ‘bonfire of regulations bill’ – a poor but perhaps apt word choice in light of Grenfell – that will sweep away EU regulations on animal welfare, the environment, food standards, health and safety, and water and air quality.[4]

Just when you think the UK can’t possibly sink any further into the mire, it does. When will Scotland’s political leaders finally find the courage to call time on this ruinous union?






5 thoughts on “Grenfell: What you won’t hear from Michael Gove

  1. More people need to vote for Independence supporting Parties every election
    A higher turnot. To vote out the opposition.

    Cameron and the Tories voted down better regulations, The Tories are landlords so they voted down better building regulation. A bonfire of the vanities. Reneging on Windrush comittments. Illegally deporting people. Killing asylum seekers incarcerated. Displaced by illegal wars caused by US/UK. Killing and maiming millions of people and costing £Trillions. The US/UK now causing war in Europe. Reneging on International agreements. To misappropriate public monies on illegal non scruntised contracts. Funding the Tory Party illegally with public monies. Donations for illegal contracts costing the public purse £Billions+, that could be better spent, on essential services.


  2. Maybe the leaders will turn their attention to liberation from our colonial masters when they stop obsessing about the politics of gender . The prospect of diminishing returns at elections might just make them think again.


  3. Can’t happen here … but I seem to recall newspaper stories fuelled by Scottish ( ? ) opposition politicians complaining about the number of high flats in Scotland which were still to be rendered ”safe” by the SG in the wake of Grenfell .
    Anything to attack the SG – even if a problem in a foreign country ?

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