The only constituency in the whole UK still nervous of European invaders 1 300 years ago

Thanks to reader Ian Macanullai for alerting me to this survey.

Only the Boston and Skegness constituency reports a majority (41% to 37%) strongly disagreeing with the statement ‘Britain was wrong to leave the EU.’

In 2015, UKIP came 2nd to the Cons there. In 2017, their Paul Nuttall came 3rd. In 2019, Tory Matt Warman took 76.7% of the vote!

Local hostility to foreigners may be due to the area’s troubling past, when the first Viking/Danish invasions as recently as around 1 300 years ago took place there:

Skegness and Brancaster were northern outposts, guarding the Wash, the last of a series of strongholds on what was called the Saxon Shore, running from the Channel coast, to defend the country from the raiding Saxons from across the North Sea. The eighth century saw Viking raids from Denmark, their longboats glided onto the flat sandy shore and the peaceful inhabitants could do little to stay their fierce onslaught. Burning and pillaging they took their booty and sailed away but, in the ninth century, they were back with a great army and this time they came to stay.

Burning and pillaging? More fitting your kitchen or caring for your granny these days?


6 thoughts on “The only constituency in the whole UK still nervous of European invaders 1 300 years ago

  1. John,

    100 odd years ago it was the Hun in WW1, then the Irish, then the Massacre at Amritsar, the Marsh Arabs, then the infliction of Indian famines, then it was Stalin, then Hitler, then the Malay uprising, then the Chinese in Korea, then the Mau Mau in Kenya, then the USSR, then Aden, the Irish again, then the Arabs, then the Muslims…

    Rightly or wrongly the Brits always need a bogeyman….. Yet they let Putin in via the tradesmen’s Londongrad entrance for a backhander.

    Any sane human being doesn’t indulge in that process but we are prisoners still.

    Thank you John for all your excellent endeavours.

    Best Wishes,


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  2. Lincolnshire is oddly xenophobic and real ‘hick’ country. My son has a cottage just over the Humber, in Yorkshire, and travels through the county regularly. He characterises many of the people as being quite extreme xenophobes and scarily reminiscent of the banjo players in ‘Deliverance’. I’ve travelled through the county and neighbouring North Norfolk and there is definitely a touch of that about in both counties.

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    1. Lincolnshire has very fertile soil and, being so flat is relatively easy to farm and so has, for a long time had a very productive agriculture. It has relied since long before the UK’s accession to the EU on itinerant labour from overseas to harvest the crops, and, until Brexit these were mainly from eastern Europe. The local economy depended on these workers. And, although some settled in the area, most returned at the end of the season to their home countries.

      Yet, not only is it the only constituency still with a majority supporting Brexit, which demonstrably harmed the local economy, it was the most xenophobic constituency at the Brexit vote.

      The trope was’ foreigners taking English jobs’ when manifestly there were not enough local English people to undertake the volume of work required at harvest, nor was there a pool of workers elsewhere in the UK who could undertake such seasonal work – apart, of course, from the wholly illusory right wing media trope of the ‘work shy who scrounge off benefits and breed like rabbits while spending their family allowance on drink and drugs”. Sounds more like Boris Johnson and his chums.

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    2. When I lived down south for a while, even other English people referred to people in Lincolnshire as “inbreds” and joked about them having webbed feet. I like the reference to Deliverance – sounds pretty accurate.


      1. Having posted what I posted earlier I really should add a bit of a mea culpa. My sister in law is a Lincolnshire girl and she and her sister are lovely, highly intelligent, non banjo playing people. Not everyone from Lincolnshire is a right wing weirdo: just most of them.

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