120% paedophile Conservative leader in 1974 allowed Scottish paedophile candidate to stand in Inverness

There was no such thing as the Scottish Conservatives nor any Scottish leader until 2010. Ted Heath was the leader in 1974 when Robert Henderson QC stood twice in the Inverness constituency. Surely there were checks in place to prevent the selection of a man who, at the time was enthusiastically telling anyone who would listen, that a so-called “magic circle” of secretly gay judges and lawyers was making prosecutions against homosexual criminals disappear.

Read more on Henderson here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64402274

For more on powerful paedophile rings that are protected by compromised authority representatives and professionals, see this Cambridge University Press, peer-reviewed article: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/european-psychiatry/article/abs/satanist-cult-of-ted-heath-ethical-implications-of-authority-compromise/B7DA4199DECA88CEE721175EC1FBF361

2 thoughts on “120% paedophile Conservative leader in 1974 allowed Scottish paedophile candidate to stand in Inverness

  1. There is nothing good about the Conservative Party or it’s members you have to be prepared to harm your fellow citizens to support the Conservative Party you have to support withdrawal of all the help given to the poor in society because as we see time and time again no matter how the Conservative Party presents their policies their actions always turn out to be policies that take away from the poor in society and give more to the rich.
    It is time society properly scolded the people are members of the Conservative Party and people who vote for them society will survive better if we punish these people by sidelining them and excluding them , what they do is bad and must be punished.
    Saying that Conservative politics is just a political opinion is no longer acceptable in a civilised world .

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