Is the dramatic fall in Scotland’s drug deaths for 2022 being hidden?


BBC Scotland and the other MSM have:

Increase in suspected drugs deaths across Scotland. The number of suspected drug deaths in Scotland increased towards the end of 2022, new figures show. In the first nine months of last year, figures published by Public Health Scotland (PHS) showed a 21% reduction in the number of fatal overdoses. However, numbers began to rise in later months, with 109 deaths in November alone.

This is higher than the same month in both 2021 (89) and 2020 (93). The report states that suspected drug deaths increased between October and November but figures for October were not included.

So, why has PHS not published the October or September data and why do we not have a straightforward comparison between 2021 and 2022 so that we can see the annual trend rather than this cherry-picking of just November?

We do know for 2022 this:

So far this year, figures show 797 suspected drug deaths have been logged by police – 21% fewer than the same period last year.

There were 1 295 suspected drug deaths in 2021.

There were 797 in the first 9 months of 2022. We know there were 109 in November 2022. That makes 901. September and October were clearly not worthy of headlining so must have been less than 109.

The 2022 figure, for the whole year is looking like less than 1 100 and so much lower than the 1 295 for 2021.

Why is that not being headlined?


Scottish drug death numbers continue to fall after highest level on record

3 thoughts on “Is the dramatic fall in Scotland’s drug deaths for 2022 being hidden?

  1. The Public Health Scotland’s ‘Rapid Action Drug Alerts and Response (RADAR) quarterly ​report’ also provided the statistic for –

    “Drug-related acute hospital admissions

    The number of admissions between July and September 2022 (2,024) were considerably lower compared to the same time period in 2020 (3,643) and 2021 (3,033).”

    Quelle surprise, the BBC Scotland article ignored it.


  2. The Scottish Gov is funding drug rehabilitation. £250million over five years. An average of £50million a year. New facilities have opened in the Borders and Dundee. So Drs can refer people, Too Jayme social work departments do not promote complete abstinence that addictive people need. They put people on methadone for years, which is just as bad as heroin. All drug deaths in Scotland are people on prescribed drug who take over substances. People are now taking cocaine and ketamine. Destructive over time. Less young people are drinking because of health reasons. MUP alcohol deaths are down.

    The numbers will fall with more proper counselling, total abstinence, facilities.

    Comparable figures. Westmibster figures could be calculated differently. In separate, different catagories. Deaths. Drug misuse, poison deaths, and heroin deaths, In different catagories. Not the total number. Different statistic analysis.

    Thatcher care in the community – prison


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