Still far fewer serious Covid cases in ICU in Scotland – why?

I keep reporting this in the hope that someone out there will have an evidence-based answer to the question why has Scotland, over the course of the last year and more, had a disproportionately small number of Covid cases requiring to be placed in intensive care.

In the last week, England had 50% more and for most of early January 2023, had twice as many.

The situation in Wales is even worse. With only three-fifths of the population, it typically has more ICU cases than Scotland.


I can find no hard evidence and, strangely, no interest in the phenomenon elsewhere.

I’ve previously suggested that this might due to higher vaccination levels, especially among the elderly and better early diagnosis and referral, due to higher staffing, leading to earlier hospitalisation before cases become so serious as to require ICU treatment.

The second notion might be reinforced by Scotland having a disproportionately higher level (above) of general Covid admissions. Per head of population, Scotland seems to have around 30-40% more Covid hospital admissions than England.


4 thoughts on “Still far fewer serious Covid cases in ICU in Scotland – why?

  1. The Sandesh Gulhane/BMA Scotland/Jackie Baillie explanation: it is because the numbers of medical staff in ICUs in Scotland is so low that these numbers of patients are all they can accommodate. LABOUR controlled Wales has so many in ICU because, well, being LABOUR controlled it is awash with medical staff.

    Yusaf must go!!


  2. The high uptakel of Covid vaccinations including boosters in Scotland may also be a factor. The vaccine does not give complete protection from catching the virus but it does mean that the infection is likely to be less severe hence reduction in need for ICU if you are hospitalised.


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