Correction: Prestwick Airport posted a profit for the third year in a row and expects another flight boom this year

In the Herald today:

Executives at nationalised Prestwick Airport are expecting continued multi-million pound public money support to keep it in existence while public spending auditors said it is not clear that government intervention has provided value for the taxpayer pound.

Yet, according to BBC Scotland Business in November 2022:

The Scottish government-owned airport saw fuel sales return to pre-pandemic levels in the year to 31 March, boosted by “strong” military aircraft movements.

Sales of fuel over the year nearly doubled to reach 36 million litres.

They accounted for £13m of its £16m year-on-year rise in revenue, which reached £35m.

Operating profit for 2021-22, before exceptional items, stood at £1.9m, while overall profit was £1.2m.

The airport also recorded growth in cargo and passenger figures.

Cargo volumes were up 38% year-on-year, peaking at more than 18,000 tonnes, while passenger numbers rose over the year from 47,000 to 118,000.

The Scottish government took the airport into public ownership in 2013 and financially supports the business through the provision of long-term loan finance.

Its outstanding balance, as of 31 March 2022, was £43.4m.

Airport operator TS Prestwick Holdco Ltd, which has not drawn down funds for more than three years, said in its annual accounts that it did not expect to require any additional loan support in the next 12 months.

And from the Daily Record on 12 January 2023:

Prestwick Airport has launched a summer 2023 recruitment drive.

Ahead of the busy holiday season the Ayrshire airport is on the hunt for new staff to fill a series of roles.

The base is looking to fill positions in roles including baggage handlers, ground security operatives and passenger service agents.

Bosses at Glasgow Prestwick Airport are seeking ‘hardworking and motivated’ people to join their team as they predict another flight boom this year.

The jobs are being advertised as fixed term roles, with the airport announcing they are on a “steady journey of growth,” as they launched their latest recruitment drive.

4 thoughts on “Correction: Prestwick Airport posted a profit for the third year in a row and expects another flight boom this year

  1. Well, that’s all very well, but a Mr. IM Loyal (in an Herald exclusive) says he and his 112 year old mother, had to wait in the Prestwick Departure lounge for over 12 hours, due to delays in the Ferry service from a far away island and then Sturgeon had closed the Rest and Thankful.

    The coffee in the flask was not very warm either.

    I will never vote SNP again. Sturgeon must go.

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  2. The Herald really is bottom of the barrel , amateurs at work with license to print whatever comes into their little brains but they know their time is limited because once Westminster is no longer in control the paper will fold and for sure England won’t employ them, there won’t be any need .


    1. It’s the sheer amateur research by the Herald that gets me. I know that they are are very short staffed, however that is of their own making, but really can they not do “any” research before making fools of themselves?

      What happened to those halcyon days a few years ago when we got a daily uplifting Michelle Mone story? Eh.. The girls done really well since your puff pieces, sorry, I meant in-depth business research.

      C’mon Herald, onwards and upwards. How about a fresh start in Feb 2023, with a free Saltire for every new subscription?


  3. Ach be fair – You have to feel just a little sorry for Martin Williams having to skip-dive for this garbage, as ever for a pay-packet.

    SG rescuing Prestwick in 2013 most definitely pissed-off the disaster capitalists who had assurances from HMG it was a dead cert, yet saw their prospective profits vanish like a Scots mist in daylight.

    Prestwick is one of the very few airports in the UK which is entirely predictable for temperature and weather, hence it’s origins as a military base long before passenger or cargo flights were made available.

    I fondly recall as a child my father driving across Prestwick airfield when flights were clear and the barriers went up, a weird experience.
    That experience was only supplanted once by a drunken doctor from Kircaldy who collided with the family car immediately following exit from the runway, drunk as a skunk. However he did have access to an expensive lawyer who clamed in court the poor Doctor was a victim, he was not in the slightest at fault, one of my earliest memories of corruption in the UK and what Tory means.

    Martin Williams should perhaps choose another profession or in a more naive country to practice journalism if he’s serious.
    We already have HMS James Cook for bullshit, Dross for Fantasy, and Stephen Kerr with the delegated shovel and flying teeth to provide percussion and occasional impalement.
    It’s not democracy, it’s a circus…..

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