London rapist policeman but only BBC Scotland demand action

BBC Scotland above, respond to Stevenage-born, London Met officer’s arrest for multiple rapes, by contacting a senior officer to say:

Police Scotland could look “stupid” if it does not step up the vetting of recruits, a former chief has said.

Angela Wilson, ex-assistant chief constable of Tayside, also called for an independent body to be set up to look at complaints against officers.

It follows the case of David Carrick who admitted dozens of rape and sexual offences as a Met police officer.

BBC UK, England, Wales, N Ireland? No interest.

BBC London, surely? Nope.

Isn’t it great to be included in Great Britain?

3 thoughts on “London rapist policeman but only BBC Scotland demand action

  1. Gaslighting by our colonial broadcaster.

    Met police?–must be a Scottish problem!

    London? Nope, go further north–north of THE north!

    Strikes in England? Ask Nikla why she isnt doing something!

    Scottish oil? No, it ran out in 2014–only “British” oil left.

    “Great British Nuclear”? A Section 35 will get us Scotland–where we can build ‘um and bury the waste–Anas and DRossie will agree.

    “Great British Energy”–see above. Scottish renewables under London control—Anas and DRossie?–well, you know the rest.

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  2. Intrigued, I went to read the article expecting to find diversion to the Met’s problems with rotten apples in the force and “Viceroy” Jack being pilloried beyond the MSM bubbleverse and was not disappointed.

    Again HMS James Cook blowing smoke on behalf of the State of a Secretary for Flounce in Scotland….
    The subtle difference between ‘would be stupid’ in the “Police Scotland would be ‘stupid’ not to increase vetting, says ex-chief” and ‘could look stupid’ in the opening paragraph “”Police Scotland could look “stupid” if it does not step up the vetting of its officers, a former chief has said” but none ARE more stupid than the Scotland Office and BBC in Scotland for trying this on yet again.

    If the Met has a problem with SOME officers getting away with criminal behaviour, I’m inclined to consider the possibility of cross-infection from the halls of Westminster.

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