As England & Wales suffer a real health crisis Lisa Summers tries to make one here

From Lisa Summers, BBC Scotland’s Unhealth Correspondent today, a long piece, headlining, opens with this:

The health service has never before been under such strain, with dire warnings [not data] from doctors about patient safety.

Scotland, [less] like every part of the UK, faces challenges if it is going to make the health and social care system work now – and into the future.

Lisa does not mention faster ambulances, more beds, more nurses, more GPs, more consultants, better A&E and cancer waiting times, fewer Covid deaths…..

I’m too busy to cut and paste all the evidence again but all you need to do is search the blog for any of the above terms to get the evidence that blows the SS Summers out of the water.


and so on.


3 thoughts on “As England & Wales suffer a real health crisis Lisa Summers tries to make one here

  1. When talking about the proposals for a National Care Service she fails to mention the steps the SG has already taken to try to address the issue of ‘bed blocking’ namely the Integration Boards – a partnership between local councils and Health Boards.

    At first they did help to reduce the number of patients staying in hospital beyond the point when they could be discharged. Then along came Brexit and the loss of staff in hospitals & care homes then Covid hard on its heels. This com bination of pressures/events negated the benefits of the Integration Boards but who is to say the current situation would not be a lot worse if they had not existed in the 1st place.

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  2. London–the Red Phone (secure land line).
    “We need a headline to give the nats a good kicking”.

    “OK boss, Pravda on the Clyde has that in hand”.

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