Murray sides with Union Jack as only 11 out of 195 Labour MPs vote to defend devolution

The UK Parliament voted by 318 to to 71, yesterday, to allow the blocking of the Scottish Parliament’s gender reforms bill. 184 Labour MPs including the Shadow Secretary of State, Ian Murray (above) sat on their hands.

Olivia Blake (Labour – Sheffield, Hallam)
Ben Bradshaw (Labour – Exeter)
Richard Burgon (Labour – Leeds East)
John McDonnell (Labour – Hayes and Harlington)
Charlotte Nichols (Labour – Warrington North)
Kate Osborne (Labour – Jarrow)
Bell Ribeiro-Addy (Labour – Streatham)
Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour – Brighton, Kemptown)
Zarah Sultana (Labour – Coventry South)
Nadia Whittome (Labour – Nottingham East)
Beth Winter (Labour – Cynon Valley)

Scottish Labour leader, Anas Sarwar, was unavailable for comment but BBC Scotland weren’t planning to ask him anyway.


7 thoughts on “Murray sides with Union Jack as only 11 out of 195 Labour MPs vote to defend devolution

  1. Quelle Surprise !
    Imagine , the other Tory party in Westminster tacitly supporting the real Tories !
    And Anas the millionaire Scottish Tory/Labour leader (? ) is not to be seen or heard from – no surprise there either !

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  2. They are quite brazen now about their contempt for Scotland and it’s democratically elected parliament.
    We are to be ignored and put in our place when we propose anything they don’t like.
    The response to this particular case is almost entirely political and about England telling Scotland who is boss and nothing else.
    If there were any concerns about Scotland’s lack of agency,the Tories have now put it beyond any doubt.
    As part of the UK state,Scotland has no say about what happens in Scotland let alone the UK.
    What’s the point?

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  3. Spot the difference.
    Union Jock Murray and Union Jack.

    Of course this is a trick question as their is NO difference.
    Blue Tory; Red Tory or a Pink Tory like Starmer.

    Westminster is a Ponzi scheme.
    You go in poor and come out rich, standing on the shoulders of the gullibles who elected you.
    The last Labour Cabinet ended up with most of them millionaires.

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  4. It is of note that of the 11 Labour MPs who opposed the actions of the UK Government, 7 are women. Now, I have no knowledge of their reasons for opposing, but, since the principal argument against GRA, or, at least the one that the right wingers espouse and hence, the media and the BBC espouse, relates to fears regarding women only spaces, this indicates that not all women share such fears.

    Personally, I support the bill passed by the Scottish Parliament, but, on the other hand I am a non-religious man.


  5. An GE coming soon. There will not be time to stop GRA reforms. More likely opposition will be dropped. Too many complicated arguments in trying to oppose the changes. The Tory unionists wrapping themselves in knots before being voted out. Not enough time left the stop the reforms. The Tories have blown it. The reforms have to be bought in under International Law.

    Westminster will have to concede under International Law.


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