Lib Dumb’s Cole-Hamilton recommends use of outdated medical equipment in weakest post-Soviet health service

Fed by Alex Cole-Hamilton, the Herald’s Tom Gordon delights in the story of a Ukrainian refugee who allegedly went back to Kyiv for a quicker GP appointment.

It will be quicker as the GP just asks her if she is mad and sends her straight back to Scotland.


Because, in 2018, even before the war:

Ukraine has over 2200 hospitals and over 400,000 hospital beds (5,22 hospitals and 890,7 beds per 100,000
population) in the public sector. In per capita terms, this is more than in EU countries. But the facilities have outdated equipment and very few are able to provide complex care…The Ukrainian system is undoubtedly one of the weakest among post-communist European states. It is characterized by organizational and financial inefficiency,
inadequacy to the population’s health needs and the lack of deeper reform efforts throughout the post-communist
transition period.

Ukrainian health care system and its chances for successful transition from Soviet legacies

Might the missile attacks have improved or made the above even worse? What do you think Alex, Tom? Come on, it’s easy!


12 thoughts on “Lib Dumb’s Cole-Hamilton recommends use of outdated medical equipment in weakest post-Soviet health service




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  2. I heard this utterly ridiculous story on the radio and had to check the calendar !
    It wasn’t April 1st !

    Is there no story so puerile , so patently laughable that The Tailor’s Dummy
    ( copyright pending ) will not use it to gain a moment’s attention in Holyrood ?

    Is he so vain that … scratch that ! He is SO VAIN that Carly Simon has had to remind him constantly that she DIDN’T dedicate her song to him .

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  3. No shortage of fools and privileged liars in British government .
    Getting from Scotland to Ukraine at present is extremely difficult perhaps even impossible.
    There are no flights to Ukraine from UK
    You would have to travel into Ukraine by land cross borders
    As a Ukrainian or Brit you are not in possession of an eu passport so NO there is no quick route for you into Ukraine
    Cole Hamilton thicko thinks saying he found god means we forget his crimes how many tidies have tried to con people with that old trick

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  4. This is a waste of Parliament time and an abuse of privilege. Neither the FM, the HS, the Health Service or indeed the Health board are responsible for Dr appointments. Practice managers are responsible for the day to day running of the practice.

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  5. However many column inches Tom Gordon sought to fill, he deserves all the opprobrium coming for hosting this ludicrous drivel from ACH-him.

    Further to your point on Ukraine hospitals, it is worth noting the entire country is a war zone – What got through from russia’s stock of cruise missiles has wreaked havoc across the country with intermittent power available in some areas and nil in others.

    ACH-him seeking to score political points in Scotland off the back a nation under such duress is beyond crass, it’s despicable.

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  6. I imagine that this is the last anyone will hear of the mysterious Ukrainian.
    Alex Cole-Hamilton has copied a video of him asking his question onto the apolitical South Queensferry Facebook page but has not offered any more information on the time she had to wait for an appointment here or that it took to travel to Kyiv.

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  7. My son has been very unwell and needed an emergency operation last night, it took seven hours from admission where they needed to do tests, and to assess best course of action for him to have a fairly complicated op. He is receiving the best of care and treatment from caring, compassionate, dedicated very hard working staff. How dare the lying, lazy greedy English party troughers at Holyrood attempt to destroy OUR NHS. How bloody dare they.
    The Scottish NHS is not for sale, it’s been paid for by the people, it’s been built up with public money, and certainly is not a freebie for private companies to steal, it’s paid for by the people for the people. Those undermining Scotland’s health services should hang their heads in shame. The Labour/Tory MSPs taking masses of money from the public purse, who are against those working in our public services having decent pay and conditions, and who work against the best interests of the people who actually pay for public services, are utterly despicable and their lack of conscience is extremely disturbing.
    Back later, take care all.

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