Scotland presents a short trajectory directly into Low Earth Orbit and could help meet the unquenchable thirst for space data throughout the world

Howzat for a headline?

It comes in the last paragraph of this:

Scotland’s desire to become Europe’s leading space sector nation was bolstered on 2nd January 2023. A new crack squad consisting of some of the most pre-eminent minds in the industry, who are already part of the Scottish Government’s GlobalScot programme, is being created under the title of The Scotland International Space Advisory Committee (SISAC).

A ‘crack squad?’ Just what we need.

SISAC? A great powerful-sounding acronym to rival any.

Onwards and upwards, I say.


20 thoughts on “Scotland presents a short trajectory directly into Low Earth Orbit and could help meet the unquenchable thirst for space data throughout the world

  1. “Earth to moonbase 1”.
    “Drossie here”.
    “How are you and Starwars getting on with your alternative government”?
    “We have fallen out on the name–Conbour or Labservative. The Dumbs don’t count, obviously, but Cauld-Ham wants to rent out the spare room on the space shuttle as space B&B”!
    “Well, good luck DRossie. The Mekon (Sunak) wants to know if he can send Ming the Magnificent (Starmer) up to join you”?

    Sound of foot stamping (not easy in a vacuum).
    “No, I’m the boss of the moon—DRossie! ME! King of Outer Space”!–rant-froth-whistle blowing……

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      1. Air at altitude would be a tad thin for human brain cells, but as Edward doesn’t do much thinking, he would be ideal for a Mountain base camp.

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          1. The Tory intellectual “race to the bottom”.
            2-5 = Liz Truss.
            Who next for leader, and gets to wear the dunces cap?
            Will Murdo finally, FINALLY, win an election?

            And lead his flip-flop relay team to oblivion in 2026?

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      1. No, No—deregulate.
        Sell off all the public social housing stock for second homes and rentals. Money for the few, misery for the rest.
        No maintenance (see military privatised housing stock), damp, mould and worse.

        THAT is the Britnat way for housing.

        Canada has banned all non-Canadians purchasing housing for two years to get on top of the rip-off rental section.
        We should do the same.

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    1. Yep, and Musk is partly to blame, he has tons of satellites up there, but he won’t be able to escape planet Earth when the time comes, because of all his space junk! Awww.

      Did you know that the US just deployed a satellite to map the worlds water, like who has the most and how can it be shared, lol! watch out Scotland! China knows where the worlds water is already, they have been mapping it for years. I watched this yesterday.

      NASA satellite.

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  2. What’s new eh , Scotland performing at the top end , Glasgow I knew was a world leader in building certain satellites we have the brains we have the technology
    “ To boldly go where no man has gone before “
    but just remember
    “ ye canna change the laws of physics “
    “ To all mankind: May we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty, that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.”


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  3. New technology to hoover up scare mineral other planets. Rare minerals in shortage on earth. Drying up needs renewed from other plants. Mars the nearest one. They will be operational within a few years. These guys are not £Billionaires for nothing. On the spectrum. They think outside the box.

    Using space technology to plan flights to Australia in an hour. No twenty-four hours. It might save time and monies. Shooting up and down commercially in an hour to get to a long flung destination.

    Scotland is half empty. A low density of people in a comparable larger land mass. A essential consideration for space technology and innovation. There have been upstanding craft design for years. Books and information have been published on the innovation.

    Space is used for military means and intrusive satellites spying on people. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act and ‘D’ notices. The internet satellites call the illegal activities out. Less secrecy on the planet. Liars always get found out worldwide. Making the world a smaller, more prosoerous safer? place,

    Space security needs international regulation. Just like Facebook etc. No paying an expected share of taxes worldwide. Needs Gov regulation.,


  4. China one child policy. Now two. An imbalanced population. 1.4Billion. India catching up. Free contraception will see the world population fall. Peak then fall. Larger populations have a higher responsibility to make better decisions and lead the world. China/US Covid virus. Developed to obliviate people. Kill people worldwide. Like wars used to do. WW1 caused by British/European rivalries. Millions died. Flu Millions died. A catastrophe. 2WW. Millions died. All within a generation lifetime,


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