The wages of sin? Less religion, more cash!

Today in Business Insider, we read:

Fewer workers in Scotland earn below the real living wage compared with their counterparts in the rest of the UK.

Figures from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) revealed that just 9% of employees in Scotland earn less than £9.90 per hour.

The real living wage has since been increased to £10.90.

Meanwhile, an average of 12.2% of workers across Britain do not earn the real living wage, with 11.8% in Wales, 12.5% in England and 14.6% in Northern Ireland.

At the same time, the above map of faith in different parts of the UK is being shared widely on social media. Only Scotland appears to be confidently atheist.

Where is faith weakest and wages are highest? Scotland.

Where is faith strongest and wages are lowest? Northern Ireland

Where is faith middling and wages are middling? England.

I smell a negative correlation between faith and wages. I’m going to draw a scatter graph! You can’t stop me!

Wait, A&E times are fastest in Scotland and slowest in Northern Ireland!

Another scatter graph. Oh, joy.

OK, enough. I’m going to lie down now.


3 thoughts on “The wages of sin? Less religion, more cash!

  1. London S/E on average has the highest income. Westminster ploughs public funds into London S/E. Subsided transport, subsidies airports, subsidised roadways. Everything is oublically subsidised in London S/E. Subsidised Westmibster Parliament. £Billion. Subsidised railways. HS2. Subsidied fuel and energy Hickley Point. Westminster spending £918Billion 2019/20. UK Gov Accounts. Claiming not to have the funding to pay essential workers saving lies. Westminster Gov killing people. Life expectancy going down in the south.

    Austerity for everyone else. Tax cuts for the wealthiest. Welfare cuts for the poorer.

    Scotland 32% declare as Protestant. 16% declare as Catholic. 2% declare as other muslin. Jews hardly any 6,000. In Glasgow or Edinburgh. Falling Church membership and attendance. The Churches are losing members quicker than a sieve loses water. Churches have rights above the Law. The equal opportunities Law and employment Law.

    People go shopping or attend football. Leisure pursuits.

    Unequal. Masonics. Racist, unequal, misogynist, bigoted. Main religion. Unequal and unfair. They blackball people. Secret and unlawful, The Garter Royals. Assaulting others, including their own families. Total hypocrites in every way. Head of the Church. Break all the commandments. Including do not kill. Support illegal wars, inequality. Pay 10% tax, no corporation tax, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. Tax evaders supported by Westminster poor, bad management and decisions.

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  2. What about the religiosity of t’Smoke?

    I had expected the North of Ireland would have been the most religious. I was really surprised to see that it was London.

    Where my daughter stays in Lewisham borough there is a very large Nigerian population and they have a large number of Christian churches, where the singing booms out on Sunday mornings!

    Nigeria has a Muslim majority, but there do not seem to be many in Lewisham. There are lots of Muslims in Lewisham, but they are not Nigerians. Lewisham, in the 2011 census was the first London borough in which there was no ethnic majority and, although English was the language with the greatest number of native speakers, it was not a majority of the population.

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