Producing 64% more electricity than we need!

As the Guardian, above, celebrates the ‘UK’ setting a new record for wind power generation with no indication of just how much of that is due to Scotland and as BBC Scotland’s Douglas Fraser tells us ‘Energy prospects blow hot and cold‘, neither mention the Statistical Release on Energy Trends for Q3 2022 (July – September), which on 22 December 2022 offers us this revealing diagram:

Note Scotland produces 15.6% of UK electricity supply but only needs 9.5%. The other 6.1% is transferred across the border.

What about oil and gas production and consumption? For some reason that does not appear in the report but we know already:

Statistics announced [January 16 2022] today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician show that oil and gas production in Scotland, including Scottish adjacent waters, is estimated to have been 77.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe). This was an increase of 0.4% compared to 2018, and accounted for 82 per cent of total UK production.

Just over 8% of the population, 82% of the oil and gas production, yet:

We need some arrows.


Click to access Energy_Trends_December_2022.pdf


9 thoughts on “Producing 64% more electricity than we need!

  1. According to these data, Wales exports about 47% of its production of energy, Northern Ireland 42% and Scotland 39%. And, because the ‘Celtic fringe’ is ‘remote’ from the point of ‘peak demand’, transmission costs on the ‘national (sic) grid’ are higher. So, apparently, it costs more to send it to the place where it is produced than to the place which does not produce as much.

    Is this The Bodger’s ‘pooling and sharing’ in practice?

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  2. There’s something very strange about the Grauniad article – It kicks off with the headline 87.2% “renewables and nuclear”, then talks Gw – It’s as if the piece was written deliberately to obscure rather than inform.
    -But the stunner was “The cold weather came with a period of low wind, reducing the production of Britain’s windfarms to close to zero.” which is well nigh impossible given that Scotland is almost reliant on it.

    On the “Statistical Release on Energy Trends for Q3 2022” they are talking supply and demand in the UK “geographically”, not what is on the “National Grid”, as NI is on the Irish Grid.

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  3. Scottish resources and revenues wasted by Westmibster Gov. Fuel and energy companies wanted to charge Scotland less, being in surplus and nearer the source. Westminster Gov refused. So now Scotland pays more. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland loses £Billions to Westmibster poor, bad decisions. £Billions lost on fuel and energy mismanagement by Westminster Gov.

    Scotland is covered in coal. Westmibster reneged on CCS project at Longannet in Fife. Reneged on gas CCS project at Peterhead. Scotland the ideal place for CCS with Oil & Gas technology misses out again. EU countries are investing in CCS projects in the North Sea. Scotland could have made £Billions in exporting the technology. Westminster poor,
    , bad decisions and mismanagement.


  4. The Guardian article totally omits the Scottish contribution of renewables. False information and facts.

    The ascotyish Gov commitment to renewables. Lacking in Westminster.


  5. Westminster Gov is spending £13Billion a year on nuclear decommissioning. For 10 years. Yet plan to build more nuclear plants. Spending £Billion in Trident. Wasted £Billions on Hickley Point, near the sea.

    Enough to elevate poverty and provide excellent an excellent heakthcare and education system.

    The Tories cut essential NHS funding and cut Education £6Billion a year. 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the Tory Westmibster cuts.

    Taking Scotland revenues and resources and wasting them on London S/E. The North/south divide. For decades. Scotland now fighting back through the Ballot Box. Vote SNP/SNP etc. Vote fir Ibdrpendence with a higher turnout every election. To redress the impotent balance. .


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