English Army to grab Scots deadly sporrans?

Dr Azeem Ibrahim, Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Director at the Center for Global Policy in Washington, Advisory Council Member for the anti-independence group SBUK, but clearly in favour of regional autonomy in Myanmar (above), has popped up again, only a week after he was in the Express telling us:

Today, he’s back in the Express, where else, with:

Scotland to be stripped of its army if Sturgeon’s independence dream succeeds

Scotland would be stripped of its army if it became independent, a Scottish foreign policy expert has said, explaining that even Scottish divisions of the UK armed forces are owned by the Government in Westminster. Professor Azeem Ibrahim told Express.co.uk the armed forces would be automatically repatriated to the UK Government if Scotland became independent as, by law, they are “owned and controlled by Westminster”.


Why am I bothering with this? For the same reason you might watch Dad’s Army?

For more on the wacky Dr Ibrahim:



13 thoughts on “English Army to grab Scots deadly sporrans?

  1. A Scottish Foreign Policy expert? Scotland hasn’t had a foreign policy of its own for over 300 yrs.
    Obviously the asset split between Scotland and England which will include military hardware, the BOE and of course trident is causing a bit of a panic in Whitehall.

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  2. “If you think old England’s done”!

    Monty Pythons flying (“expert”) circus is back in town.
    Perhaps Dr Ibrihim hasn’t noticed the shrinking of Scotland’s regiments over the decades–the lack of sea-born cover of Scotland’s coastline–the closing down of Scottish air bases.

    But when Scotland regains its independence it should be entitled to fixed assets and a share of other assets.
    That would include Faslane/Coulport and all that is contained within–even though Scotland does not wish them, they are one almighty bargaining chip.

    I would lease the nuke bases for a decade to allow Greater England to build new facilities. Another “expert” asserted new bases would be “almost impossible” to build (’cause no sane community would want them).

    There is also a ludicrous what aboot King Charlie thing in the herald.
    A. Independence bad for the monarchy, but….
    B. Monarchy should stand back during debate in case he looks “English”, but…
    C. Monarchy should prevent Indy, but…
    D. 14 other Royal foreign bits, but…
    C OK if they become republics because “it would lessen the workload”, but…
    E. Bad if Scotland becomes a Republic??????
    And old Queenie only did a wee bit of interfering…REALLY?

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  3. My fear is that after Independence the English Government would suddenly decide that Trident etc was never really necessary so would turn their backs on it and leave Scotland the trouble and cost of clearing it up

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    1. It might, but internationally, that would be an abdication of duty to protect against nuclear accident? Then again, the English government do have a few nuke subs rotting in the Forth river, far as I know they are still sitting there. They still dump toxic/nuke rubbish just off the coast of Scotland, so yeah, put nowt past them at all.

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      1. Uk Defence Ministry charges over
        £5,534 per year, for every man woman and child in Scotland.
        That’s over 10% of Scotland’s annual taxes, paying for military services we don’t need, and have never asked for.


    2. Should your completely unfounded and incalculably unlikely fear, become the case. I am sure that apart from myself there are many other Masters, Navigators Chiefs and Engineers more than competent enough to sail ‘stealth boats’ up the thames and park them line abreast at Westminster.
      “Sale of Goods act” and all that, you know “not fit for intended purpose” return to point of sale for full refund.
      And no B/S about ‘we need a reasonable time to fix it. The goods have been returned not fit for purpose, full refund now.
      You made the law, you need to stand by it.
      Oops not something you do is it, honouring your agreements.
      Ach’t weel keep them ony-wie, we divn’y want thum.


  4. Scotland pays £4Billion for Defence (attack) to Westminster warmongers. £1Billion+ too much with no defence deployment in Scotland. Including the £Billions wasted on Trident and Faslane. exposing Glasgow the major city to open warfare. A foreign dangerous base on Scottish soil. Scotland is forced to pay the cost. They are flying nuclear waste around the world with no where to store it. Nuclear decommissions is costing £13Billion over 10 years. £130Billion. The overheads will increase even more. Rotting vessels at Roysyth. The Westmibster warmongers causing death and war around the planet. Ruiningthe world economy. Killing millions of people andcausingpoverty.

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