Shocking 0.002% of Scottish teachers physically assaulted last year

Another direct feed to John Beattie or some other Pacific Quay New Labour Luvvie? Not reported in full on the website. Not really the news.

How many members were assaulted? One was struck by a stone, perhaps intentionally. One was physically assaulted by a pupil. The other cases, the majority, were the result of accidents.

How many teachers are there in Scotland? More than 50 000 so 0.002% physically assaulted?

What percentage of firefighters, police officers, social workers, university lecturers, nurses, doctors or librarians were physically assaulted last year? Over to you readers?



4 thoughts on “Shocking 0.002% of Scottish teachers physically assaulted last year

  1. Of course, assaults against any staff are to be deplored. However, with regard to teachers the number of assaults is very small indeed. But, the teacher unions and their media chums like to sustain the ‘blackboard jungle’ trope. Whenever teaching unions are being asked to be accountable for something out come the ‘horror stories’.


  2. The (unionist) councils shut most additional needs school. Now pupils with additional needs are not catered for by (unionist) councils. Untrained classroom assistants are employed by (unionist) councils instead of employing more teachers to keep class sizes down and provide adequate facilities to additional needs pupils. The (unionist) councils are at fault for not providing proper educational facilities and employing specialist teachers.

    The Scottish Gov has extended nursery care and improvedefucational facilities in Scotland. The best in the world. The waster unionist councils are the worst. Not providing adequate facilities. Wasting monies like there is not tomorrow on hideous projects of no value and getting into debt. Clueless unionists wasters. More people should get out to vote to vote them out.


  3. Every incident has to be recorded and exaggerated. No matter how trivial. If a pupil is overcome and not dealt with in the appropriate manners. People on the spectrum not being understood and reconciled. Time out or enforced expectations.placed on youngsters who might be struggling to cope in a confined environment. Rarely they can lash out being unable to cope. With the right direction they can cope better, with understanding support. The Councils would be better to heed advice before wasting public monies on legal expenses. The Council educational authorities need educational advice. A failure of local Gov. People should vote them out to make improvements at Council level. They get the funding and then waste it. On grotesque unnecessary projects.


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