99% working on any one day: Conservative MSP reveals remarkable reliability of Scotland’s car charging points

2 400 times 365?

From STV today

Almost 8,000 faults have been reported at car charging points across the country in a single year, new figures show.

Between November 2021 and October of this year, 7,977 faults were reported across the network of more than 2,400 charging points for electric vehicles.

But the Scottish Government stressed that most faults last for a short time, with 90% fixed within two days, some of which can be done remotely by the agency tasked with the running of the network, ChargePlace Scotland.

Scottish Tory MSP Maurice Golden – who obtained the figures through a parliamentary question to transport minister Jenny Gilruth – said the network had been “appallingly served” by the Government.


8 000? Wow! That’s a big number ya got there boy!

Or is it?

2 400 times 365 days a year, 876 000 days on which there might be a failure.

90% fixed within 2 days so, being kind to the boy, averaging 1 day per breakdown incident.

So, breakdowns on any one day, typically, in no more than 0.09% of them. 99.1% working at any one time.

Sheesh! Is he nasty or just dumb as?


8 thoughts on “99% working on any one day: Conservative MSP reveals remarkable reliability of Scotland’s car charging points

  1. Such an estimate could be done by a competent reporter who has a secondary school qualification in arithmetic. Do course in journalism not teach aspiring reporters how to deconstruct such statistical data that politicians, trade union officials, charity spokespersons, business press officers, etc regularly trot out to make a ‘case’ for some kind of special consideration.

    But, they rarely do.

    This is a matter of wilful choice by the journalists. Do any have right to claim to be ‘professionals’?

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  2. Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson’s Covid inquiry defence to be funded by taxpayers
    EXCLUSIVEIt is understood the decision to cover their legal costs was taken by the Government

    I saw this headline and really wondered why the hell should the tax payer fund this when they will not even talk to the nursing profession.


  3. I have a friend who has an electric car in Scotland, even four years ago they could travel most of the country in the small car, with FREE charging points, only gap in points for charging a wee car, being north of Scotland.
    I have read you have to pay to charge a car in England, is that still the case I don’t know.


  4. In answer to your ultimate question, Golden is nasty to presume the public are as dumb as… and give any credibility to the endless diatribes of “appallingly served by this SNP-Green Government”, but in common with Baillie, Gulhane, etc., that’s what they believe politics is all about, unlike the public.
    IIRC HMS James Cook ran a special on the same subject not so long ago with the same political target, that’s what they believe journalism is about, unlike the public. 🤣

    To be fair to STV, the article rather more helpfully goes on to quote Transport Scotland “Last year our network of over 2,400 charge points was used over 1.7 million times by EV drivers across the country”, so an average of two vehicles charged per outlet per day across the network…

    Such a project to kick-start the changeover to EVs was never going to be straight-forward, but the greatest obstacle of all remains the prohibitive cost of vehicles, and a Westminster government intent on increasing poverty.


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