Only Scotland meets deadly measles immunisation target

From Public Health Scotland today:

Quarterly uptake rates remained high in Scotland; over 95% of children had received each routine immunisation by the time they were 12 months old, with the exception of rotavirus vaccine, which had 93.2% uptake.94.2% of children had the first dose of MMR vaccine by 24 months of age. This rose to 95.9% for children who had reached age 5.

From NHS England for 2021:

No vaccines met the 95% target

Coverage for the 5-in1 at 5 years decreased from 95.2% in 2020-21 to 94.4% in 2021-22.

Particularly concerning, given the deadly nature of measles:

MMR1 coverage at 24 months was 89.2% in 2021-22, a decrease from 90.3% in 2020-21.

In London:

Data published on Tuesday 28 June 2022 by the UK Health Security Agency showed that up to March 2022 roughly 80.7% of children in London have had a first dose of the MMR vaccine by the time they reached 2 years old. While only 74.8% had their second jab by the age of 5.

Wales and Northern Ireland, failed to reach the 95% target but came closer at94.8 and 93.6.

Does this matter?

The percentage of the population that needs to be immune to attain herd immunity varies by disease and how contagious that disease is. Measles, for example, spreads so easily that an estimated 95% of a population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. In turn, the remaining 5% have protection because, at 95% coverage, measles will no longer spread.

Other sources:,94.4%25%20in%202021%2D22.&text=MMR1%20coverage%20at%2024%20months,from%2094.3%25%20the%20previous%20year.&text=PCV%20coverage%20at%2012%20months%20was%2093.8%25%20in%202021%2D22.


One thought on “Only Scotland meets deadly measles immunisation target

  1. Not too surprised – the medical professions in Scotland are still treated with respect by the Government unlike in England where the Government is actively trying to run the (E&W)NHS down and generally talking down all health professionals.

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