Keep up Kieran! More like 5 or 6 in a row now

Contrary to the Times header above there have been at least 5 for yes, averaging at a clear 7% lead:

And, that’s not counting the Channel 4 survey’s massive 18% lead, for a different, but no less challenging question:

One further thing is clear – Scottish Labour are frankly going nowhere.


7 thoughts on “Keep up Kieran! More like 5 or 6 in a row now

  1. British Labour’s devolution for Scotland which has now been made clear by their Supreme Court,excludes the right to self determination.
    Their duplicity finally exposed.
    Try selling that on Scottish doorsteps.

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  2. Wait, wait–whits this?
    General Broonie Custer is coming over the hill with the seventh cavalry–Privates Herod, Hootsmon, Times, Torygraph, Mail, BEEB and Retard.
    They will be joined by that wily band of Injun scouts Union Jock Murray, DRossie, Hi Jack and Cauld-Ham, some of them Blackfeet and some of them from the Manky tribe. Big Bella Baillie will also be there, with Devo wampum and snake oil beads for the natives.


  3. Everyone who supports Ibdependence should come out and vote. Bote SNP for Independence. A higher turnout. People who support Independence sit on theu4 hands and do not vote SNP/SNP. Then blame everyone else. When i5 is up to them to vote for it. A lower turnout delutes the vote. Increased turnout increases the vote to vote out the unionist opposition. If people want Independence the6 have to vote for it. Easiest way vote SNP for Independence and stop complaining Abdel blaming others. Get out andvite for it at every election. Local/council, Holyrood, GE. A higher turnout. Vote out the opposition.Local council election 4
    40%. Holyrood 50+%. GE 50/60%. Reerendum 85%. Higher turnout gets higher support for Independence Parties. People should get out and vote. No blame everyone else.


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