Hell hath no ferry again in Scotland’s Mini-Trumpian [Fake] News

From BBC Scotland today without a hint of reasoned, critical, assessment:

Businessman Jim McColl has helped to fund a new publication aimed at exposing “the truth” about Scotland’s ferry scandal.

Copies of the Caledonian Inquirer will be distributed in west coast towns and island communities.

Described as a polemical “broadsheet” it includes interviews with ferry experts, politicians and islanders.


A ‘polemical broadsheet?’ Just a euphemism for openly biased and frankly, too wee for a broadsheet.

Let me get this right. A very rich man, in unhappy because some people blame him, as the owner of a shipyard, for things that went wrong in that shipyard?

Now, he helps to fund the start up of a free magazine specifically aimed at exonerating him and blaming the Scottish Government via its agency, CMAL?

There’s not a single word in the BBC report on the possibility that this might be a disturbing, anti-democratic, thing for a rich man to be doing when he cant get his way by the paths the rest of us must accept?

Does it remind you of someone?

Trump has effectively become the executive producer of all our cable news channels.

We are watching a major party candidate distort the truth and lie about important issues of our time, and the media is struggling to hold the candidate accountable. The data is clear: Trump lies more frequently, more thoroughly, and on matters of greater importance than any candidate of the modern era. Why is it so hard for the news media to bring accountability to this election?


8 thoughts on “Hell hath no ferry again in Scotland’s Mini-Trumpian [Fake] News

  1. Indeed saw this https://archive.ph/zPrJa being promoted first thing on Scotland and Scotland/Politics and immediately sighed “Oh FFS….”

    The bearded wonder Kenny Kemp is the feature shot, his ” “It’s a polemic – a modern day broadsheet…” says much for his eyesight, “I’ve been following this story for a long time” clearly a prerequisite for being made editor of a new ‘freeby’ startup, his “Jim McColl has put some money into this, but I’ve also helped pay for it” sounds more like a whip-round for the disenchanted.

    Calum Watson’s article is essentially an opportunity for HMS James Cook to refloat 4 of their own last dead-duck pieces in hopes the webbed feet above the surface and stench don’t put folks off their breakfast….

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  2. Labour’s Paul Sweeney and kenny McAskill of Alba also contributing to this clearly unbiased propagan… sorry , polemic , and with no political points scoring at its heart .
    Next Issue will , no doubt , be investigating the suggestion that monies to Ferguson’s from the SG were allegedly unaccounted for while under the management of Mr McColl !

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    1. I’m not about to get into a hissing contest over political views because that is precisely what has been abused in this ongoing saga by attempting to exploit the public’s lack of awareness of how contract law works and implying political interference.

      Once the contract is let, absolutely NOBODY can interfere between parties to the contract, it is entirely bound by Contract Law – Were any politician or beneficial owner to attempt to influence the Contract in any way it would generate a punitive claim via the arbitrators of the Contract which would make eyes water financially.

      If I had to stick my neck out on why McColl feels so obviously aggrieved, it would be that he banked on and promised the latter providing lucrative returns for investors and bluntly it didn’t pan out, filing for bankruptcy was his last throw of the dice and that failed also.
      Had McColl the slightest case it would be before the Contact’s appointed arbiter, it really could not be more simple.

      Instead what McColl has attempted to retrospectively construct in the public eye is a case of being “Wronged” by an unseen third party when he COULD NOT be wronged under the mutually onerous strictures of the Contract.

      Little wonder the “impartial” HMS James Cook were and are so supportive of “ferry-stories”, no embarrassingly incontinent pigeons required, they only need report what others have said, a la Nick Robinson…

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  3. That’s a bit weird is it not. If as it says McColl has ‘helped to fund’ this broadsheet’, where is the rest of the money coming from? Is it transparent re funds? I presume people don’t have to buy this and it’s being posted through peoples’ doors? Must be costing a bit, printng is not cheap re colour publications, nor is paying for delivery via the post office or royal mail.
    A strange thing to do, given the BBC platform given to this non story, for so very long now, all a bit sinister and underhand.


  4. Blimey just had a wee reckie, 32 pages full colour, all to demonise the SNP, available online. Wow someone, or some group, has gone to lots of trouble to get that published. Something stinks about this. Appears very defensive, very suspect.

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  5. Anithervrecycle waste. A waste of space and time. Just a load of rubbish. No one cares a jot. Jotters for tax evaders and their Tory sychophants. Hickley Point, HS2, Nuclear etc the biggest waste of monies on the planet. £Billions and £Billions. Total hypocrites. Spending £915Billion a year but not paying essential workers. Get a grip. Unionist rubbish recycling waste. .


  6. A waste they will go in the bucket. The ships will go sailing on for years saving fuel and energy. Saving £Billions. Innovation and investment in technology. Sailing on into the future. Th3 Tories will not last a year. Out in the loop for years and years. Killing people and wasting £Billion. What ship do they think they are on. The sinking Tory unionist ship of Westminster Gov. No matter how they try to hide it. Under the Official Secrets Act. Their ship has sailed into the distance.


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