Irresponsible stirring up of hatred by English newspaper operating in Scotland

The ‘self-identity bill’ is, of course, supported by all of the parties in the Scottish Parliament, even by two of the Cons.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has made clear that there is no “objectively evidenced prospect” of gender reform causing harm to women. That applies in Scotland and so, by implication, elsewhere in the UK.

“We could not identify any objectively evidenced prospect of real and concrete harm resulting from the proposed 3 changes.

“In our analysis, we consistently found that holding a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) does not determine how a person is treated in the key areas of concern – prisons, data, sport, access to medical treatment, access to single-sex services, changing rooms and toilets.…/23178187.scottish-human…/

7 thoughts on “Irresponsible stirring up of hatred by English newspaper operating in Scotland

  1. When the UN Rapporteur called on the Scottish Parliament to ‘pause’ discussions the the bill, it was given a lot of publicity. However the fact that 12 Women’s groups, including organisations like Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland immediately refuted her demand point-by-point, got scant reporting.

    There was also no recognition of the fact that having approved the bill in principle by a large majority, with support from members of all parties, the second stage is the line by line scrutiny, which usually entails amendments being made to address issues which have been raised prior to the first reading and during the first reading.

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  2. Having given up listening to BBC Scotland’s news and current affairs and tuning to Radio Three in the morning – the music soothes the mind! – I have noticed a pattern in the news bulletins issued each hour.

    They usually start with an announcement, without comment, of things the Westminster Government has decided to do. These are usually on matters favoured by Tory members – immigration, dealing with trade unions, ‘growing the economy’, etc. no response by opposition parties are given. Then there is a ‘neutral’ human interest piece and finally there might be a point being raised by Labour, framed as ‘a Labour spokesperson ‘claims’, ‘alleges’, etc….” but followed immediately by a statement that the particular UK department concerned ‘dismisses this as lacking evidence or substance’.

    So, undoubtedly pro Tory. Radio Scotland usually opens with a statement from the Conservatives ‘slamming’ proposals by the SG. Then we are told that the SG ‘denies’ this.

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    1. Why not contact them and ask if they are only allowed to make decisions or comments IF they agree with the ScotGov, because if so that would be rather unethical. Do you think the SHRC is unethical?


  3. If women got legal aid and equal rights there would be no abused women.

    It would be less costly. Spend £Millions to save £Billions. Women in England get legal aid. Not in Scotland. Leading to more abuse of women and children in Scotland.

    If women got legal aid and equal rights, women would be doing it for themselves.

    Letting agaencies are charging abused women a deposit and six months rent. Illegally.


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