Barclay or Yousaf? Which of these Health Secretaries should resign?

There’s Steve Barclay above. Here’s what the Guardian tells us today:

Ministers were under intense pressure last night to open new pay talks that could avert a devastating series of NHS strikes as health unions suggested a deal could be struck if both sides were willing to negotiate and compromise.

Amid claims from Labour and from NHS sources that ministers appeared to be playing politics and deliberately “spoiling for a fight”, union leaders strongly suggested that an improved, but still sub-inflation, offer similar to that made to Scottish health unions at the end of last month by the Holyrood government – which has led to strike threats being lifted north of the border – could help break the deadlock elsewhere in the UK.

Who made that offer to Scottish health unions? You know, the one that could help break the deadlock in non-Scottish parts of the UK?

Oooh….was it….mm…that Yousaf guy? Yes that’s it. Is he in the Guardian report? You know, given credit for not -giving up? Doing his job? Not spoiling for a fight because patients’ lives are at stake? Nope. Steve is in 5 times.

BBC Scotland? They’ll have had a piece praising the Scottish Health Secretary for this, won’t they? Nope.

The other media? Nope. Mostly, just ‘Scottish Government’ or ‘ministers’. Why are they not praising him? Jackie Baillie says ‘Humza Yousaf must go!’


3 thoughts on “Barclay or Yousaf? Which of these Health Secretaries should resign?

  1. Front page news in my English Observer,
    Scottish deal shows way forward -Labour
    Holyrood government given credit but no mention of Humza in the article.
    Give Humza credit for what he is achieving.

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  2. Barclay and his cronies WANT the NHS in ENgland to fail, while Humza yousaf is working hard to preserve the NHS in Scotland. What you value most: money or people, is the fundamental difference between the Scottish and English governments.


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