Scottish Labour’s never-ending failure to catch up

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Regular readers will now have seen reports here of more than 10 sub-polls with 80% suggesting the same thing. Scottish Labour’s reported resurgence is a media myth and wishful thinking by media supporters of Anas Sarwar’s rightist, Starmerite, politics.

The latest from Osmosis, based on those likely to vote has UK Labour on 44% but in Scotland, the Cons on 14%, Labour on 20% and the SNP on 49%.



3 thoughts on “Scottish Labour’s never-ending failure to catch up

  1. Yep, unless they literally force people to vote for the UK Labour party in Scotland, they are finished, kaput. Don’t they have one Scottish MP right now, oh dear, though they do get an awful lot of soft focused attention in the media, as if they are of any importance. Bless.


  2. Labour in Scotland, a non existent dinosaur. Total lack of competence and quite dangerous. Bury their head in the sand. The Tories are finished. Labour on the last legs. Stumbling to the finish. Vote Labour get Tory. Labour lies. Unionist complete incompetence. Killing people Life expectancy going down in the South.


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