Why is Conservative-run South Ayrshire Council promoting the leader’s wife as a caring face?

South Ayrshire Council has a Conservative minority administration, enabled by independents and by Scottish Labour, presumably on orders from Sarwar, sitting on their hands to keep the largest party, the SNP, out.

The town has an SNP MSP and MP but the council works hard to suggest that the List (not really elected) MSP, wife of the Council leader, is the main political representative of the people of the town.

At the very least this is deceitful and may actually be illegal but, for me, it’s also deeply disgusting to suggest that a Tory politician is a leading light in promoting better health and care outcomes for the more vulnerable people in South Ayrshire.

You probably don’t need me to tell you but this MSP is a loyal member of a party in government responsible for a delayed vaccine rollout that cost thousands of lives, huge PPE corruption, austerity policies on welfare which led to many suicides, stagnation in life expectancy for the first time in decades, a hostile environment for migrants responsible for death and suffering, departure from the EU and a consequent shrinking of the economy and, most recently, an economic plan based on increased taxation for working people while avoiding meaningful taxation of the corporations and the super-rich.

I’ve no doubt missed other evidence that Tories do not care about us.

That a Tory politician thinks they can claim credit for efforts to compensate for their frankly heartless policies would make you boak!


5 thoughts on “Why is Conservative-run South Ayrshire Council promoting the leader’s wife as a caring face?

  1. Why? Because one of the characteristics of the Conservative Party is the complete absense of a sense of shame, which complements their cheerful willingness to lie and lie again. The Mendacity Party.

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  2. Appropriate that a representative of the party that for 12 years has created Food Banks , Warm Banks , austerity , rising poverty , falling living standards , extreme rises in cost-of-living should be taking the blame for all of this – and producing a ”guide” as to how to partly mitigate it .
    Or did I read that tweet wrongly ?
    Was it supposed to be a paean of praise ?

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  3. Let all who voted for oppression in south Ayrshire Enjoy their choice of party

    It Just what those who want to punish their children and senior citizens Deserve

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