NHS wait times: Stunning hypocrisy of Tory and Labour list MSPs, Dowey and Smyth, in S W Scotland

List MSP Sharon Dowey

In the Daily Record last week:

Health secretary should be ‘sacked’ for NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s A&E wait times

Two MSPs have accused the Scottish Government’s Health Secretary of ‘failing to get a grip’ on NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s A&E waiting times.

South Scotland Regional List MSPs Sharon Dowey and Colin Smyth, have both told how Humza Yousaf should be sacked for his ‘mismanagement’ of the lengthy waiting times.


What are the facts here?

In October 2022, NHS England A&E departments saw only 54.8% of those attending within 4 hours. Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust saw only 33.6% within 4 hours.

NHS Wales data is presented so as to conceal the performance of the major departments comparable with those elsewhere in the UK, but after some adding up and dividing, I get 56.7%, slightly better than NHS England.

For Northern Ireland, the figure is a shocking 45.2% and has been under 50% for more than a year now.

The equivalent for NHS Scotland, based on the weekly returns, was 64.4% seen in 4 hours, 17.5% better than NHS England.

In November, the most recently published weekly figure for NHS Ayrshire and Arran, apparently a direct responsibility of Humza Yousaf, the figure was 66.9%.

So, given the above appalling figures for England, Wales and N Ireland, should the health secretaries for England (Con), Wales (Labour) and Northern Ireland (DUP), be sacked too? Yet there are no calls for this from opposition parties in those areas.

Are Dowey and Smyth just hypocrites? Seems so.




Click to access hs-niwts-ecwt-q2-22-23.pdf




2 thoughts on “NHS wait times: Stunning hypocrisy of Tory and Labour list MSPs, Dowey and Smyth, in S W Scotland

  1. Dowey and Smyth? Never heard of them, but they are much worse than hypocrites. These people, and there are many, too many to name here, are the fifth columnists in our midst, whose only remit is to keep us under Westminster’s boot. Bought and paid with English gold, stolen from us in the first place, they have no shame, not that I would expect any, given that they are there purely to denigrate Scotland, its Government, and it’s people.

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  2. I take it that all these calls for the Scottish Health Secretary to resign as he is not doing his job by ensuring that every A&E in the country is working efficiently are from the same people who believe that Santa delivers pressies to every household on the planet in one night .
    Clearly they think that Humza Yousaf has the same magical power as Santa to be everywhere at the same time and so can treat every patient in Scotland’s hospitals – but chooses not to !

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