Yousaf gets a result other health secretaries can’t

the next couple of weeks whether to accept this but won’t be making any recommendation.

So, that’s a result for the Scottish Health Secretary.

Nurses in Scotland are to be consulted on the Scottish government’s latest pay offer, their union has announced.

The offer would mean a pay rise of 11.3% for the lowest paid and an average rise of 7.5%, the government said when it outlined the proposal last week.

How have the other 3 health secretaries been doing?

It comes as the RCN confirmed that up to 100,000 nursing staff will take part in their biggest ever strike across England, Wales and Northern Ireland – which have separate pay negotiations to Scotland – on 15 and 20 December.


2 thoughts on “Yousaf gets a result other health secretaries can’t

  1. This Scottish Health ”good news ” story was reported by STV news – then in the next breath they concentrated on the A &E stats for Scotland , quoting incredibly detailed figures in a blizzard of stats that were simply designed to show how baaaad the Scottish NHS is in their eyes .


  2. Interestingly the BBC report does mention Scotland, in 27th sentence of 35 in the article. I assume its put that far down in hte hope and expectation that most readers won’t get that far.


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